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Postby Joe M. Turner » 12/31/08 11:11 AM

For those interested, I've uploaded a video of the "Unwedding Ring" move. (It's 50MB, about 6 minutes.) This is some of the same footage I shared with David Acer when he was writing up the move. I thought it might be helpful if anyone wanted to see it.

I'm especially proud of the footage at the end of this clip, where I perform it for Martin Gardner who then asks me to teach him the move. (My everlasting gratitude goes to Colm Mulcahy for the opportunity to do that and for capturing it on video!)


Blessings for the coming new year...

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Postby Bill Duncan » 12/31/08 11:52 AM

That's a thing of beauty Joe.
Bill Duncan
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Postby Dave Shepherd » 12/31/08 12:28 PM

An excellent instructional video of a beautiful move.

You used the word "aglet" at least twice. And the word "bight" twice as well. I applaud you.
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Postby Brandon Hall » 12/31/08 12:43 PM

Awsome! Thanks Joe
"Hope I Die Before I Get Old"
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Postby Jim Martin » 12/31/08 12:52 PM

Thanks for sharing both the effect in Magicana and this wonderful video which clarifies the already well-written instructions.

I love Mr. Gardner's chuckle at about 05:15 - the 'aha' moment.
Jim Martin
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Postby castawaydave » 01/02/09 05:27 AM

Thank you Joe; very nice indeed.

Jim was right about Mr. Gardner's chuckle...and I'll wager you'll never forget, "Whose is that?" "That's mine." "That's great!"
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Postby David Vamer » 01/02/09 04:26 PM

Lovely, Joe! And BIG kudos for Martin's reaction. That's a day-maker.
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