Kudos to Michael Close - January 2009 MUM!

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Postby Joe M. Turner » 12/27/08 02:45 PM

Just got the January 2009 MUM -- it looks great and I'm impressed by several of the new ideas that Michael is bringing to the publication. I remember how exciting it was when John Moehring took the helm and really propelled the magazine forward in so many ways. I have that same feeling now.

I've always known Michael was one of the creative greats among us. It looks like he may have a unique knack for exercising that creativity in a leadership role, too. I'm eager to see how his vision for MUM is realized.

Well done. And "WOW!"

Joe M. Turner
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Postby Bill McFadden » 12/27/08 07:05 PM

Joe M. says it all. Mike and Lisa have handled the transition as only they could - masterfully. And the larger typefaces are a big plus for those of us of a certain age.
Bill McFadden
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Postby Matthew Field » 12/28/08 01:40 PM

I've e-mailed Mike directly to congratulate him on the fine first issue, and to remind him that from now on everything he does will be dictated by goddam deadlines.

Matt Field
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Matthew Field
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/28/08 04:56 PM

We haven't seen it yet at Genii.
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Postby Richard Perrin » 12/30/08 03:30 AM

Same here! I am waiting for MUM magazine to arrives.
Richard Perrin
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Postby Mark Paulson » 01/06/09 08:40 PM

This is one of the best M-U-M issues I've read. I like that the focus seems to be more on effects. I am particularly pleased to see the bizarre magic column by the Scribe and look forward with anticipation to next month's issue.
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Mark Paulson
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