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Postby Adrian Kuiper » 12/19/08 01:09 PM

Read this first:

Click on the link below and a playing card will appear on your screen...wait a few moments for it to load, then scroll down below the card and you will see a line that has a little red slider bar in it. Move the slider gradually to the right and stop and watch the show take place, then move it a little more to the right and stop and another show will take place and keep doing this till you are to the end. This is soooooo cool. The marvels of technology.


Awesome art work.

Adrian Kuiper
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 12/20/08 10:48 AM

WOW! That's cool as hell.
Click on the link, folks, and see something with playing cards that you'll enjoy.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Travis » 12/20/08 12:46 PM

Yep. Rad.
This was posted somewhere here before. I followed the link a couple of weeks ago. Love it.
The dance of cards, albeit much more complex, made me think back to an old episode of Steven Spielberg's Amazing Stories from the late '80s titled "Mr. Magic". It starred Sid Caesar as a washed up magician who discovers an old pack of cards with real magical abilities.
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Postby Tom Frame » 12/20/08 03:43 PM

Oh my bleeding piles! This is terrific! Thank you, Adrian.
Tom Frame
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Postby Adrian Kuiper » 12/21/08 12:09 PM

Thanks Chris for pointing out my lack of research....

I knew you would come through in your usual fashion.

Adrian Kuiper
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Postby Chris Aguilar » 12/21/08 04:23 PM

You're welcome.
Chris Aguilar
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Postby Steve Hook » 12/22/08 02:07 AM


Don't worry, be happy. RK and Tom Frame seem to have appreciated your effort.

Steve Hook
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