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Postby Joe Pecore » 12/13/08 11:55 PM

I thought it might be fun to see which issue was everyone's favorite this year. Bop over to 2008 Back issues if you need a reminder.

I'm having a hard time deciding on just one.
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Joe Pecore
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Postby Tom Frame » 12/14/08 12:43 PM


Asking us to choose ONE favorite issue from this stellar collection suggests that, despite your pleasant on-line demeanor, you are a cruel and evil man. You relish imagining how we are going to obsess and squirm and twitch as we struggle to answer this question, don't you? I commend your sadistic tendencies. You're my kind of guy.

After much tearful deliberation, I hereby announce that my favorite issue was the April, Dr. Hooker issue. It beat the Zarrow issue by a very thin margin.

While the Zarrow issue illuminated and informed me, the Hooker issue challenged and astonished me. Not knowing always intrigues me more than knowing. I love to be astonished. That's why we got into this tenuous art in the first place, right?

Not knowing forces me to think, and it hopefully provides the momentum to propel my creative process forward, in ways I am yet to discover.
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Postby Magic Randy » 12/14/08 05:05 PM

August - Dai Vernon
Magic Randy
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Postby Steve Bryant » 12/14/08 05:14 PM

Tough question! Steve Cohen, Vernon, Zarrow in no particular order. Hard to pick just one.
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Steve Bryant
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Postby David Thomas » 12/14/08 11:04 PM

Dai Vernon
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David Thomas
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Postby Richard Green » 12/23/08 01:15 PM

Steve Cohen, Hooker, Ramsay...in that order
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Richard Green
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Postby Scott M. » 12/23/08 04:06 PM

Scott M.
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Postby Gary Brown » 12/27/08 12:49 AM

Mine was the June Celebracadabra article. I explain why here.

Gary Brown
Gary Brown
Gary Brown
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Postby Leonard Hevia » 12/29/08 09:16 PM

All of the aforementioned issues were fantastic. My favorite is always the copy in my hands at the moment. Last night I soaked up the Chris Capehart issue. Swiss did a bang up job writing that article. The early confrontation between Capehart and Jeff Sheridan was quite interesting to read: "Get off my statue..."
Leonard Hevia
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Postby rkosby » 12/30/08 01:25 AM

Steve Cohen.
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Postby Philippe Noël » 12/30/08 01:50 PM

Steve Cohen's issue was also my favorite.
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Postby castawaydave » 12/30/08 03:38 PM

The Patrick Martin issue.

--w/Steve Cohen and Dai Vernon issues tied as very close runners up.

A difficult question:
2008 may have been the best year of Genii ever.
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Postby flynn » 01/03/09 11:25 PM

The David Regal Issue because he's my favorite writer, his trick reviws are good read too, and because my name appeared in that issue(Marlo contest winner).
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Postby Geoff Weber » 01/09/09 03:10 PM

My favorite Genii feature was David Regal's Celebricadabra article. Although that was split over 2 issues, so I guess if I have to pick one, then I choose the one that included the crystal card bonus trick (July?)

The Steve Cohen issue would be a close second.
Geoff Weber
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