Welcome back Tony, a Seattle session.

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Postby Chad Rees » 12/12/08 05:10 PM

attention Seattle magicians, we will be have a old school backroom session on Sunday the 21st at 7pm. Tony chang from NYC and Robert stephens from AZ are visiting Seattle, all magicians are welcome. If intrested in attending please email me so we can acquire a adquite room.

Chad Rees
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Postby Bill Duncan » 12/12/08 11:09 PM

Rock on! Now if we can just get Tobias to drive up from California...

How about Shaun's up in Everett? Robert was just here a few months back and managed to attend a lecture there. The food's good, and the beer's great.
Bill Duncan
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Postby Chad Rees » 12/13/08 02:21 AM

I like Shawn o Donald's a lot, only issue is that there are a few guys coming form Tacoma and Seattle seems to be middle ground. Will you be able to make it Bill?
Chad Rees
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