Moon Illusion Tonight Only!!!!

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Postby Kevin Connolly » 12/12/08 02:23 PM

The moon will appear extremely large and brighter tonight. The article mentions it as it being referenced to the "Moon Illusion".
They also mention a meteor shower tonight too. Here's the link.

Moon Watch<----
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Postby Tom Frame » 12/12/08 08:09 PM


Thanks for the notification. I really dig celestial displays. I'll be camping out on my deck tonight.

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Postby Beyond Control » 12/12/08 08:27 PM

I saw the moon this morning, and it was pretty huge. I wonder what magic possibilities this could contain . . .
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Postby John Signa » 12/12/08 09:03 PM

I wonder if Uri will take credit
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Postby TheDean. » 12/12/08 11:32 PM

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Postby George Olson » 12/13/08 12:28 AM

I'm looking, I'm looking....but with our 40 mile per hour winds it's just blowing by! That and the rain and the snow it's inevitable...

Can somebody TeVo it for me...

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Postby Charlotte Pendra » 12/13/08 03:05 AM

It's Jonathan (using Charlotte's log in again)

The Moon is full and unusually close to the Earth tonight, so it will be bright and appear huge. The effect is best seen early when the moon is close to the horizon. I am writing this late, after the fact, I just love the subject. I am an avid astronomer and I never see you guys talking about my second favorite subject (and, no, my favorite subject is not me) so I wanted to jump in. There is a meteor shower, but the bright moon will obscure all but a few very bright meteors.

As magicians our art has strong connections to astronomy and, unfortunately, astrology. There is a difference, astronomy (astrophysics) is a pure science, Astrology is the ancient belief that the constellations of the Zodiac, the 12 constellations that the planets, Moon and Sun travel through as they cross the sky, influences our lives. The reason I say unfortunately is because people confuse the two. When I bring up something about astronomy in conversation, I will often hear, "I'm a Leo, what can you tell me?"
I have always felt that magicians should have some understanding of astronomy, if for nothing else, to spice up introductions. We use the symbols, we adorn props and costumes with them, so a little knowledge of the science couldn't hurt. The night sky, seen from a dark sky location, is also absolutely beautiful. It inspires and helps us remember what it is like to experience awe.
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Postby Beyond Control » 12/13/08 09:49 PM

I do agree with Jonathan about the night sky being beautiful. We live in these cluttered buildings and pollution that blocks out the sky, but when we get up into the country, just look up at night and be amazed. Thanks for the insight Jonathan, maybe I should find a way to create a presentation around it.
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Postby Gord » 12/14/08 02:07 AM

I was lucky enough to find myself temporarily further north than usual last night and found the moon straight ahead of me.
Not only was it large and bright, but you could actually see the various cervicis clearly.
Amazing, truly amazing.
And now onto the meteor shower!!

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Postby Charlotte Pendra » 12/14/08 11:43 AM

Oops, dropped a sentence and didn't realize until I read it later on the forum. Between the first and second sentence please add;
Actually, it just looks that way, it's a trick of angular motion.
Sorry, I write from both ends towards the middle and sometimes I forget the middle.

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