Jackman: Houdini on Broadway

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Postby CraigMitchell » 11/26/08 07:13 AM

Jackman: Houdini on Broadway

Harry Houdinimagician, spy, object of fascinationis coming to Broadway.

Last night at 20th Century Foxs swellicious premiere of Australia at the Plaza Hotel, the talk was of the movies Hugh Jackman starring in the Broadway musical of Houdinis life.

Danny Elfman, once the leader of pop group Oingo Boingo and now often a composer of movie scores, is writing the music. Kurt Andersen, a former magazine editor and current radio host here in New York, is said to be working on the script although no ones seen anything yet.

The main thing is that Hugh is already working on magic routines. The show, when it materializes, would include Jackman replicating big Houdini tricks on stage. Hugh has already played a magician in the movie, The Prestige, so hes up for it. Magician extraordinaire Ricky Jay is said to be giving him advice. At some point the producers may reach out to David Blaine and to Cirque du Soleil for help.

Hugh is right on his game these days, what with Australia about to hit America like a tsunami. He also has his Wolverine movie, and most likely an X-Men 4.

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Postby Magic Newswire » 11/26/08 11:33 AM

The budget is estimated to be in the area of $10 million for the project.
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Postby ChristianCagigal » 11/26/08 05:30 PM

I really hope it happens!
Word is that the economy is effecting Broadway in a bad way and many shows are closing.

In fact Cloris Leachman even made a comment about on TV last night. Her show closes in Janurary.

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Postby David Vamer » 11/26/08 05:43 PM

This may sould odd, but I'd love to see Jack Black do a Houdini biopic.

Hear me out...

In King King, he showed a talent for handling period dialogue, and was marvelous as the single-minded, megalomaniacal film director. He even looked like an...albeit out-of-shape...Houdini. If he went to work and got into the right physical shape, he'd be great as HH.

It's a counterintuitive casting choice, but so was Robert Downey Jr. as Chaplin.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/26/08 05:53 PM

It's not merely counter-intuitive, it's preposterous.
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Postby Tim Ellis » 11/26/08 07:32 PM

And it's King Kong, not King King (the latter is merely a very good Hold'em hand)
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