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Postby KPPfeiffer » 11/25/08 12:09 PM

All books in very good condition
Plus shipping. Negotiation on bundle prices possible.

BROWN, DERREN: Absolute Magic, 2nd edition. $ 250.00
COBY, RUDY: How to become a world famous magician. Lecture Notes. It took me YEARS to track this down. Here you find the formula of someone who really made it! His career proves what he teaches. Since Coby doesnt need the money, he has no interest in reprinting!Very rare. $ 60.00
CHARACH, RANDY: Secrets of a Millionaire Magician. The complete 290 page book recommended by Ammar, Coby, Banacheck, Lesley, Bauer, Nu etc. Still available, but sells for $ 297.00. My price: $ 99.00
DANIELS, PAUL: The complete Paul Daniels Masterclass. The inside secrets to the business of magic. 7 CDs in a box. $ 40.00
DAVISON, DONN: Mega Bucks Mental Promotion with cassette tape. This was a locked book. A hole was punched at the side of the book and a lock prevented the curious from getting the info. Of course, the lock isnt there anymore. $ 35.00
EARLE, LEE: The CD rom Mentalism Bonanza! I bought this directly from Lee when he was lecturing in Europe. An incredible amount of material not found anywhere else on CD. Even if you have one or two items, its still worth purchasing. These are password protected PDF files (password included), printable and searchable. Purchased separately as books, you would pay hundreds of dollars.
1. SYZYGY magazine complete
2. M.I.N.D
3. M.I.N.D Art
4. Larry Becker: Stunners PLUS
5. SYZYGYs Best: A Potpouri. Lecture notes/Seminaranmerkungen engl./dt.
6. Claudia Schiffer Graphics
$ 90.00
GOLDSTEIN, PHIL: Fifth $ 60.00
GOLDSTEIN, PHIL: Doth $ 60.00
GOLDSTEIN, PHIL: Thabbatical (without the little book which had errors.) $ 60.00
HAZEL, NIMROD: Shalosh 3 No.62 of 200 $ 150.00
HAZEL, NIMROD: Shalosh Stage Work No.326 of 444 $ 50.00
HENRY, THOMAS: DIY Templates for Magicians and Mentalism CD. This is a tremendous ressource! Sadly off the market, highly recommended, the title says it all. Henry provides templates for all kinds of envelopes with links to ressources for tricks. $ 45.00
KNEPPER, KENTON: Wonder Readings. The original $250.00 book plus 4 tapes. $ 90.00
KURTZ, GARY: Ultimate Chair Prediction (Plus) $ 50.00
KURTZ, GARY: Leading with your head $ 50.00
QUINN, JOSHUA: Duplicity No. 153 of 200 $ 50.00
RAMSAY: The complete works. $ 500.00 as a set
ANDREW GALLOWAY: The Ramsay Legend 2nd printing Magic Inc
ANDREW GALLOWAY: The Ramsay Legend, revised and enlarged edition (the design of the book matches the other two volumes.) w./dj.
ANDREW GALLOWAY; The Ramsay Classics w./dj.
ANDREW GALLOWAY: The Ramsay Finale w./dj.
VITALE, JOE: The Jaw-Dropping Floating Ring Miracle. An easy, yet astonishing mental-psychic-magic-awe-inspiring impromptu effect $25.00

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Postby Steve Bryant » 11/25/08 04:36 PM

Whoa! Claudia Schiffer graphics???
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Steve Bryant
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Postby KPPfeiffer » 11/26/08 04:52 AM

Yes, indeed! Pictures of Claudia Schiffer. You get even pictures of other stars like Madonna!
All from Lee Earle!
Do you know Deja-Vu-ing? You can use them for this effect.
Thinking of all the fantastic pictures you get, I should raise the price!
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Postby Majik by boB » 11/30/08 09:45 PM

Is Thabbatical still available? And what would shipping be to the US? And, do you accept PayPal?

Majik by boB
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Postby KPPfeiffer » 12/03/08 03:04 PM

Sorry for the delay in answering you.
Yes, Thabbatical is still available! Shipping will be $ 10.40. And I accept PayPal.
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Postby Majik by boB » 12/07/08 05:35 PM

I would like it. Please let me know what email address to PayPal
Majik by boB
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Postby KPPfeiffer » 12/08/08 04:27 PM

My PayPal account email adress is:
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Postby KPPfeiffer » 12/08/08 04:32 PM

No Claudia pictures for Steve Bryant!
Lee Earle CD SOLD
Thomas Henry CD SOLD
Both Gary Kurzt books SOLD
Goldstein: Thabbatical ON HOLD
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