Japan Cup 2009, March 13, 14, and 15 in Tokyo

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Japan Cup 2009
The Japan Cup is one of the best-known close-up magic conventions in Japan. The small theater accommodates only 25 people,
so you can expect to experience exciting close-up magic the way it should be experienced! We limit attendance to 100 magicians
for this convention. The 100 magicians will be divided into four groups, Group A to Group D), and each ( group will experience
all parts of the convention.
We will have The Japan Cup Contest. Each contestant will perform four times (once for each group) in the Contest on Sunday.
There will be a Preliminary Contest on Saturday. At the Preliminary Contest, each contestant will perform once.
■ Date: March 13(Friday), 14(Saturday), and 15(Sunday), 2009
■ Venue: Tokyo, Japan Sunshine City Cultural Center 7th floor Conference rooms
■ Hotel: Sunshine City Prince Hotel http://www.princehotelsjapan.com/sunshi ... incehotel/
You can reach the hotel directly from Narita Airport (New Tokyo International Airport) by airport bus.
■ Registration Fee: 20,000- (There will be an extra charge for the Friday Party. There is no fee for the Contests.
There is no additional fee for dealers. There is FREE registration for people under the age of 18, but each MUST
pre-register. There is standing room only for those registrants at shows, lectures, and Contests.
■ Deadline for Contest application is: January 31, 2009 (Saturday)
■ Registration: Dr. Tashiro Shigeru (The President of Japan Close-up Magicians' Association) magic@kk.iij4u.or.jp
4-6-25 Ningyo Kohnosu-shi, Saitama-ken, JAPAN 365-0037 TEL +81-48-543-2102 FAX +81-48-543-8088
■ Organizer: JCMA (Japan Close-up Magicians' Association)
■ Schedule: March 13 (Friday) 7:00 PM - Party
(This event has an additional fee which must be paid at the entrance. The price will be between 5,000 and 8,000)
March 14 (Saturday) & 15 (Sunday)

Performers include Dr. Paul Critelli from S.A.M. as a guest of honor. The other guests performers are: Marc Oberon (U.K.), Kiko (Spain), Martin Camia (Spain), Satoru (Japan), SHIMPEI (Japan), and Nezer(Spain).

※ The Gala show features: Marc Oberon (U.K.), Kiko (Spain), Martin Camia (Spain), and SHIMPEI (Japan).
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