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Postby Guest » 10/02/04 02:17 PM

new york magician with the watch steal video

died in las vegas...

cool dude hung out with him and Danny Lord the clown..

Postby Terry » 10/03/04 05:38 PM

I thought he passed last year in a motorcycle accident after just finishing the watch steal video?
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 10/03/04 05:54 PM

Chappy was killed by a cop in a patrol car who claimed he was in a high speed chase, except he wasn't chasing anyone--just driving at some ungodly speed late at night. The cop slammed into Chappy at such high speed that he was obliterated. The cop got off, free as a bird. T'aint much justice in the world. This happened only a few months after the videotape was released, and that was several years ago at least.
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Postby Robert Allen » 10/03/04 06:42 PM

This was in Vegas. Cops there are a law unto themselves, although (as motorcyclist) I tend to notice this stuff...a senator or representative in a state a while back killed a motorcyclist due to speeding and reckless..he got a slap on the wrist as well.

Be safe out there people.
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Postby Steve V » 10/03/04 10:58 PM

If I recall he died the while on his way home after finishing the watch steal video and, yes, it was several years ago.
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Postby Guest » 10/22/04 08:16 PM

chappy was a funny cat. i met him in nyc on 13th st. we partied alot with this other guy danny lord that lived in his building. lots of tricks. more chappy stories if you want em. call me 973 484 9797

Postby Guest » 10/31/04 08:41 PM

Chappy did alot of street magic in New York, Washington Square Park, Broadway in Times Square, and he told me that he did a gig at the old Peter Stringfellows...a strip club which is now Tens. He loved performing and meeting people....and he was a character, he had the look of a young star magician. He also met and bedded alot of women...

Chappy always dressed when he performed on the street....tux black coat etc....always entertaining people....pulling cigarettes from his ear and mouth...doing the disappearing cigarette in the thumb trick......I told him about the Magic Castle and he finally went out there...then he moved to Vegas and did well. His watch steal was very good. I remember Harry Stanley's Gen had a complete explanation of the watch steal...and I could never do it....Chappy did it well....Great kid...from New Jersey...

Postby MaxNY » 11/01/04 04:36 AM

Danny Lord.."More loco than a powerful motive".
---Chappy was King of New York. I met him inside of some run-down musty Tux shop located outside of the Ed Sullivan theatre (before it's restorartion). He always had twenty minutes for you, and the small time i spent with him several times after, really touched me. He always added on to your thoughts, never discouraged you from your dreams. I cried like a baby when I heard he died.
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Postby David » 11/03/04 09:40 AM

I met Chappy Brazil in Las Vegas. I saw him do walk around magic at Ceasars Magical Empire. I watched as he stole watches and did a very funny coin routine where he continually pulled coins from a woman's chest, gradually the coins became larger and he finally produced a 4.5" coin to thunderous applause.

I introduced myself to him and told him I was a magician. He warmly shook my hand and we chatted for about 5 minutes. As I was leaving, he said, "By the way, this is for you." He handed me a watch box and I pulled my own watch from it. I was absolutely dumbfounded. I had just seen him steal watch after watch and yet he still got mine.

I got to spend some time with him on my next Vegas trip. He taught me his watch steal during his breaks from pitching magic at one of the hotel magic shops. While working behind the counter, he stole peoples' watches, bracelets and any other thing he could get his hands on.

While demonstrating sponge balls, he went into his sponge balls from mouth. He was a master at this. He had me and the entire crowd that he had drawn in tears.

I was deeply saddened by his death. Magic has lost a real mentsch.
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Postby Guest » 11/03/04 12:23 PM

He had a lot ahead of him....

Postby Guest » 11/18/04 12:54 PM

Chappy and I were roomates for many years and different apartments. I lived with him on 13th and Avenue A right below Danny Loyde. We were pal and performed together many times at the Holly statue in Washington Square Park. Sometime I was Chappy stooge for his effects.
When I first got to NYC Chappy helped me learn how to street perform and I helped him perfect his inside skills. Together at home we would be each others volunteer for watch stealing.
Chappy got me a job at Canastels on 19th and Park Ave and I helped him get a job at Stringfellows on 21st street. They origianlly wanted me when they saw my performance at Canastels but I did want to give up the place and since chappy got me Canastels I felt I owed him. Chappy did a great job at Stringfellows. I eventually took over the position when Chappy moved on to other nightclubs. The night club changed its name from Stringfellows to Tens while Chappy was there.
Chappy and I hung out together all the time. I would constantly go to the Barfly and sometimes Chappy would show up. It was a place for us to try out new stuff and also play a game of pool. He always beat me. One time as we were walking past the dart board towards the door he said "watch this" and shot a dart underhand acrossed the room and it hit the bullseye. Ofcourse he got lucky and I never asked him to see it again. Maybe it wasn't luck. I still don't want to know.
Chappy then moved to 52nd street above "La Bar Bat" and I moved in with him for a few months. Chappy got a nightly gig to perform at La Bar Bat and I was still performing at Tens. Chappy would feel bad whenever he had a private show to do. He didn't like not appearing at the La Bar Bat. He considered it his home. SO Chappy would ask me to fill in for him for his days he had to do private shows.
Thats one thing Chappy and I had for each other and that was trust. I trusted in him to give a good show if I had to recommend him to perform somewhere or if I needed him to fill in for me at some club and he knew the same thing about me. We were best friends and I miss him. Often having dreams about him.
Chappy died June 28th 1998 a few minutes after 12 while going over to Charles Bach's house to review the watch steal tape. He was coming from work when the Police officer hit him.

Postby Guest » 11/18/04 04:25 PM


How are you? I was friendly with both you and Chappy. I used to be the manager at Tannens in the early 90's. I came up through Tannens with Flaco, Frank Garcia etc. E-mail me @ If youmsaw me you would know me as we were friends with JB and Blaine.

Postby Guest » 11/19/04 02:07 AM

I think I remember you. You are tall and thin. Yes JB and Blaine used to hang around me also and used to come to canastels and watch me perform as well as Bill Kalush and Richard Prestia. Chappy didn't know Blaine or JB or Kalush but would hang around with Richard Prestia a lot.
I use to hang around Tannans a lot and would show trick to flocco and he would show me rubberband tricks. The would shoot it across the floor and it would roll back to him. I remember David Williamson hanging around the old Tannans on 32nd street a lot too.
So how are you? Those were the good ole days.

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