Bob McAllisters Chocolate Chip Cookie Classic

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Postby Joe Michaud » 11/21/08 07:48 PM

Hi All, I wanted to announce After a long absence from the magic community Michaud Magic with full permission from the McAllister family is proud to present Bob McAllisters Chocolate Chip Cookie Classic.

In the 1980s Bob released his Chocolate Chip Cookie Classic to the magic community. What he did was take the Classic Misers Dream effect and made it child friendly by using cookies.

This gave the effect an instant appeal to kids and family audiences. Bob went on to perform this effect on TV and in almost every single one of his live shows.


A folded paper bag is removed from the performers pocket. The bag is unfolded, opened and shown around to be completely empty.

The magician then asks a volunteer from the audience to reach into the air to grab an invisible chocolate chip cookie and to toss it up to the magician and into the empty bag. As the volunteer throws this cookie into the bag something is heard - THUNK!

But imagination becomes reality as the magician now pours out a real chocolate chip cookie (which he can REALLY take a bite from).

The magician continues to perform a Misers Dream routine with cookies, in which more and more invisible cookies are tossed into the bag. But the climax of the routine comes when the performer ends by pouring from the once empty bag a heaping plate of REAL CHOCOLATE CHIP COOKIES!!!

If you would like to see a clip of Bob McAllister performing the Chocolate Cookie Classic at Monday Night Magic in NYC you can visit my site at

If you have any questions or Comments please feel free to post here or PM me.

Thank you
Joe Michaud
Joe Michaud
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Postby Joe Michaud » 11/23/08 02:18 PM

Hi Joe Michaud here, I wanted to give some more information about myself and the effect. I have been performing magic for over 20 years. When I lived in NYC, I took Magic Classes from Bob McAllister for a few years.

After Bob passed away I got in contact with his daughters, and they gave me the rights and permission to re-release Bob's effects back to the magic community.

The first effect I decided to release is Bob's Chocolate Chip Cookie Classic. When Bob first released this effect the instructions were 1 page. I completely rewrote and updated the instructions so you now receive a 14 page booklet. I also include a bonus routine you can do using one of the props supplied.

The Chocolate Chip Cookie included is specially hand crafted using the very best materials we could find. The original cookies made by Bob were a little fragile if dropped. I was able to produce a more durable product that is very realistic looking and is true to Bobs original design.

I am very excited to bring this effect back to magicians as I have used it on many occasions and it is always a crowd pleaser. If you would like to see Bob McAllister performing The Chocolate Chip Cookie Classic please visit my site

Thank You
Joe Michaud
Joe Michaud
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Location: Auburn, NH

Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/23/08 02:37 PM

Joe, you should start making that great effect Bob had with that purple board and the white and pink ping pong balls.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Joe Michaud » 11/24/08 10:45 PM

Hey Richard,

It is called Watch the Spot and it is one of the items I am looking at making again, it is also one of the items I do not have the prop for.

I have instructions for it but his family did not have one of that effect in his inventory. There are allot of items to go thru and choose from.

I am looking at some of his close up effects now as I might do one of them next.

Joe Michaud
Posts: 9
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Location: Auburn, NH

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