U.S Reg. or Streamline Arrcos playing cards?

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Postby Sean Macfarlane » 01/13/02 01:32 AM

I was reading a particular thread about playing cards and was interested in the getting some Arrcos, they sell them at the Kardwell Co. in two different styles, the streamline and the U.S. reg. Which ones should I purchase? Thanks guys.
Sean Macfarlane
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Postby Matthew Field » 01/13/02 09:55 AM

Snatch -- my recollection is that Arrco was sold to (I think) U.S. Playing Card Co. who then issued inferior cards with that name (by inferior, I mean like Hoyle's). I think those are the ones available from Kardwell, and I'd avoid them.

The original Arrco Casino Clubs and the other quality whose name escapes me right now are the only ones you might be interested in. But even in this case, the general unavalability and thus unusal look of the cards would make them impractical, I'd say, for actual use with spectators.

In their heyday they were certainly the cards of choice for many serious cardicians.

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Postby Sean Macfarlane » 01/14/02 12:39 PM

Thanks Matthew for saving me on that one, I did meet a guy at the A1 convention last May, and he was using Arrcos, and he swore by them, just wish I knew where he got them.Thanks.
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Postby Guest » 01/14/02 01:04 PM

Hi Snatch,
I like the aarco cards as currently made by the U.S. Playing Card Co. I find them to be more consistent. I have a couple of cases of them. I'd be happy to give them to you for what I paid, which is just under $2.00 a deck. Problem is, you're in Hong Kong. May not be worth it for you.

Postby Sean Macfarlane » 01/14/02 01:24 PM

Thanks John, What about mailing me a deck to check it out, then I can decide if I want to get more or not. Just e mail if thats cool and we can arrange something. Cheers.
Sean Macfarlane
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