Email Spam Alert: The Slams on Viktor Voitko Continue

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Postby Donal Chayce » 11/14/08 03:24 PM

A few weeks ago there was a poster on both the Genii Forum and the Magic Cafe who went to great lengths to villify Viktor Voikto and disparage his products. It appears that his vendetta has expanded to sending unsolicited emails. Witness the one that I received earlier today from "Emily Stone":

--- On Fri, 11/14/08, emily stone <> wrote:

From: emily stone <>
Subject: Magic - Please read this e-mail it's very important for all the Magicians
Date: Friday, November 14, 2008, 8:44 AM

Dear Magicians colleagues,

Danger Magic Shop Stop buying anything from this shop now

Please you have to pass this email/information to all magic community, because everybody have the right to know!

We are a group against Mr. Victor Voitko we feel deceived with the horrible quality of his tricks he sells online, packages we never receive they never arrived to us, we spend a lot of our money and time for noting.

We try to write this information on some forums to let every one now what's going on, but the forums sponsors thy not accept this information to be displayed on there forums.

Some reasons of this email:

I have order online two sets of the flying rings witch the first version it has a 3 aluminium rings with an horrible quality built, hand spray painted and the shape it was more like an egg than circle has it suppose to be.

Second order I have done online I order the second version of the ''THE DELUXE FLYING LINKING RING SET'' and surprise I was very disappointed again the set add an horrible chromed and one week after I use them the chromed was gone!!! And they cost me $630!(The last version) Plus shipping and customs!

The dancing Glowing rose - Also hand spray painted with very bad quality.

I have send lots of e-mails to and to Mr.Victor Voitko complaining but no reply.

Take this advice and be very careful with this magic shop online

Like me lot 's of magicians in the same situation they pay for there orders online but the packages never arrived and they not received the money back.

It's hard to believe but on is website the snowstorm fan costs 750.00 euros and this is only a simple fan with an elastic to pull !!!

Some magicians they don't have the courage to write about this and of course this is reality.

Some people have contract him for a few festivals And he never show up for is commitments, he left every one down and they cancel all the shows, one more time people have spend lot's of time and money in publicity
for nothing, thanks to Mr Victor Voitko.

We now for a fact from many Germany Variety colleagues and other countries that Mr Victor Voitko it was performing drunk during many of his shows and one night it was so drunk that the organisation have to close the curtains on hem.

For hem what is important it's the vodka, but for all of us Magicians it's our name on the line.

Best Regards,

The MacGician®
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Donal Chayce
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Postby Timothy Drake » 11/14/08 03:29 PM

Was this email from an anonymous person? If it was then I'd say its garbage. If someone has a legit complaint they should be willing to put their name on it if they expect it to be taken seriously.


Timothy Drake
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Postby Kevin Connolly » 11/14/08 03:30 PM

I got mine from: eric sotne <>
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 11/14/08 04:30 PM

I saw Voitko at his dealer table in Bangkok last month. There's a lot of work that goes into that vanishing fan. It looked great when he did it.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Donal Chayce » 11/14/08 06:17 PM

My email was from "Emily Stone." Based on the verbiage, poor spelling, bad grammar, and inadequate command of the English language it contained, I'm all but certain it's the work of the disgruntled poster I mentioned in my original post. I don't recall the name he used her at the GFT, but the name he used at the MC was "John Star."

So not only is he continuing with his vendetta, he's misappropriating other individuals' email addresses to do so.

Grrr... :mad:
The MacGician®
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Donal Chayce
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Postby Pete McCabe » 11/14/08 07:11 PM

I bought Viktor's pocket topit, which is a device to hold your pocket open so you can ditch objects into it. You get four of them (total) in two different sizes, large for jacket side pockets and small for breast pockets. I put one in the jacket I wear to the castle -- it works very well and will stay there until I get a new jacket.

My order was filled quickly and accurately.
Pete McCabe
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