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Postby MaxNY » 11/11/08 12:17 AM

Best mutter "Angel's got like 30 of these guys working for him."

I liked the plot. You have to suspend disbelief in your audience, sometimes in order to make the plot work. Not too sure if they did it well here. The female assistant in front of the curtain didn't know anything about why the other gal was dead. She just kept saying "Well it worked in rehearsal". That part was weak.

Penn's character was into reading the dissertations from the other guy's...blah, blah. A far cry from the wanker character....
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Postby Frank Yuen » 11/11/08 01:11 AM

Watch it here .
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Postby Bill Duncan » 11/11/08 10:52 PM

Worst episode EVER. There was a nice moment at the end that had nothing to do with the lame plot and Penn did a fine job, but not as good as his guest shot on The West Wing.
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