New "secret" Streaming MTV videos....

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Postby MaxNY » 10/30/08 08:45 AM

A new site from MTV with over 22,000 videos, all free! Check out RUN DMC, W/P&T.

The site will stream you any video you wish

15 years under the studio roofs of MTV, 5 years as Tape Op, I've seen every one.


Except for the 3 Little Pigs animation crap...that one I've seen 22,000 times!
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Postby Ian Kendall » 10/30/08 08:52 AM

Not a YooKay thing, unfortunately...

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Postby Magic Mike » 10/30/08 09:17 AM

Can't watch it here in Canada either.....
too bad.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 10/30/08 09:27 AM

It's tricky - also on youtube
Mundus vult decipi -per Caleb Carr's story Killing Time
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Postby Rick Ruhl » 10/30/08 09:49 AM

Max, were you there when MTV did the Blue Monday with all the Madonna True Blue made videos? Did you want to commit Hari-Kari? Did you want to tell Madonna to make her own videos from now on? :)
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Postby Necromancer » 10/30/08 11:41 AM

Rick: I still wake up screaming.

Max: They don't have all the MTV videos I remember. I just stumped the collection with Thomas Dolby's "Hyperactive."

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Postby MaxNY » 10/30/08 03:12 PM

I seemed to have stumped the band too. I was under the same roof at Unitel 1986-1993, doing Top 20 countdown with....then followed them to National where I was "Tape-boy" for about four years. Did I say 15 years? It felt like 15. I lost them when they went to Times Square, with Carson Daily. Carson was King, nobody was smoother. I did like Kennedy. She was the first to go off sticks (tri-pod). There was this VJ named Kevin that had a deadpan funny schtick.

We would interview new VJ's every twenty of them. I can't tell you how bad everyone was. That is why I believe they did that whole search for ..."Jesse" crap.That Central Park Slasher model...Marla...something, had to read her own name on the que cards!

Weren't allowed to "look John Mellencamp in the eyes."

I hit the MTV Gong in the studios around 2am once, then went on to play Miss Pac Man (as they always had 20 videogames to play, free). 20 minutes later I started to feel queasey in my gut, thinking I smoked some wrong I mazed my way back around to leave the junk/sets...I passed the Gong, it was still ringing, but sooooo low you really couldn't hear it, but you could see that it was still vibrating, buzzing my gut. I almost gave up the sparks right there, probably should have, instead it took me another 15 years to get off the flowers.

Madonna only came into the studios once while I was under their roof. Had to enter the back way, was actually the garbage hall, that always stank from homeless junk juice. The biggest star I met was Bowie, but at the time he was in the questionable Tin Machine.

Fridays were "Grind Fridays". 6 grind shows. A full 8 hours of, youth gyrating...low camera angles, it was hell.

Ricky Rackman would play a gig in LA, Red-eye it to NY, and look fresher than any of us...

I was the first to see David Blaine, go national with his stuff on The Jon Stewart show. Card was chosen, lost...."Oh well, let's try this instead" to blockhead, with dripping blood, as he wipes the blood on his shirt, the name of the card appears written in blood. Some day I will put it on my Facebook..

I was out the door buying a bag-o-beer, at the Deli, when they called me back into the studios, Kurt Cobain had died. Weekend was on hold.Didn't have to work though, as they had all kinds of dead news bites, just fresh from his missed attempt three months earlier.

Kurt Loder was the wittiest,, that guy should have left MTV, and could have had his own Late Night Show. why he hung around, was beyond me.

Tabitha Soren mis-pronounced every word, ever. "Burn that Max.....". Boy I could erase her like nobody, making her smoothy, smooth. yeah, and where she now?

Penn and Teller would do almost every Halloween Party.

Simon Drake did a whole show with some Metal band. I have that stuff in my basement, haven't looked at it in 15 years.

Some kid was working there as an Intern, and did some Spiker Head-box thing, but I can't remember who he did it to. Adam Curry maybe. Interns lasted only 2 months.

It was at the Chirstmas parties that I realized for every one that worked in the studios (maybe18) there were 100 cubby-holed whores.

We all just wanted to see Music videos...why they never played them was bothering us way back in the early 90's...Now I can watch all the music I want.

God bless America. You can all thank me at Magic Live...I drink milk, on ice.
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