LA-based TV show needs magicians between the ages of 7-12

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Postby chris morrison » 10/23/08 10:09 PM

A friend of mine is a producer on a national daytime talk show that tapes in LA and they are looking for a couple of talented kid magicians for an upcoming episode. They specifically want one or two performers between the ages of 7-12. Obviously it would be best if the youngsters reside in the Southern CA area.

I've already spoken to the folks in charge of the Castle's Junior group but as most of you know those members are all teens. So I'm reaching out to you - if you can steer me to a solid kid magician in So Cal please reply back ASAP.

Thank you in advance.
chris morrison
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Postby Richard Perrin » 10/24/08 10:09 PM

How about a small group of deaf magicians that Sammy Ruiz teach? He's a member of Magic Castle. Check him out.
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Postby Zach Mueller » 10/25/08 12:13 AM


My name is Zach Mueller, I am a 13 year old magician based out of Culver City.

I am a member of the Magic Castle junior program, and have been doing magic for about 3 years.

If you'd like you can contact me at my email, which is


Zach Mueller
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Postby David Alexander » 10/25/08 12:30 AM

As a general rule, I don't like kid magicians because they're usually poorly practiced, poorly rehearsed and as a consequence don't come across as particularly competent. Too often the parade of young performers on YouTube provides evidence that my thesis is correct.

Not this kid.

He has a smooth technique and a nice personality without coming across as a smart alecky kid or a know-it-all.

I wish I'd been that good when I was 13.

Very nicely done, Zach.
David Alexander
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Postby Frank Valenti » 10/25/08 12:14 PM

Wow, way to go Zach! I usually don't enjoy watching younger kids do magic either but Zach made me feel that the future of magic is a little safer than I had thought.

Great stuff Zach, keep it up!

Frank Valenti
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Postby chris morrison » 10/25/08 12:26 PM

Thanks Zach - I am forwarding your YouTube pg and info to the producers.

Also, we will be at the Juniors meeting today so please introduce yourself if you are in attendance.
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Postby rkosby » 10/25/08 01:50 PM


That color change of the outjogged card during the spin looked great. Nice modification to the routine.

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Postby David Alexander » 10/25/08 02:05 PM

I hope that the producers of the unnamed show give the chosen child or children a chance to perform and don't just use them as foils for the show's host.

TV has gotten pretty mean spirited over the last few years and exploiting a child's earnestness and sincerity would be a very bad thing.
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Postby Brad Henderson » 10/25/08 07:40 PM

First, watch the Elluionist ad for hover card:

Then watch Zack's take on it at :

It will bring you joy.

Do NOT watch them in the reverse order, or it will make you sad.

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Postby Rick Ruhl » 10/25/08 08:00 PM

There's a young magician here in the Shoals named Madison Hagler. I think it would be great for him to be able to travel to L.A. for this, both myself and Michael Baker have seen him do his stuff and he is very very good!

He's here on the Genii forum too.
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