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Postby Michael Kras » 10/22/08 08:06 PM


My name is Michael. I'm a 15 year old magician residing in Ontario, Canada. My current magical interests are directed mainly towards card technique but I also study mentalism, coin work, and stage manipulation often too. I've been involved in magic since I was 7 years old and am excited as to where I hope magic will take me!

I hope to enjoy my time here at the Genii Forums!

Michael Kras
Michael Kras
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Postby Randy » 10/23/08 02:41 PM

Since there was such a mad rush to welcome you, I'm glad I could fit in my best wishes (heavy sarcasm intended).

Welcome to the forum. Always nice to have a newbie join the fold. Looking forward to your posts and offerings from a young (hopefully unjaded) mind.
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Postby Michael Kras » 10/23/08 08:22 PM

Thank you for your welcoming! No, I'm not that kind of punky teenaged magician at all... I'm very serious about the art :).
Michael Kras
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Postby magicman1953 » 10/29/08 09:46 PM

Best of luck to you ....finally sounds like an intelligent young man out there...
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Postby Bill Wells » 10/29/08 10:56 PM

Michael -

Welcome to the Forum! Good Luck to you in your magic endeavors. The Forum is an excellent place to widen your magic knowledge. There are many, many years of experience and magic wisdom among those who visit here and I am sure many will be willing to help if you have questions or need advice.

Bill Wells
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Bill Wells
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Postby Magic Mike » 10/30/08 08:50 AM

Hi Michael
Nice to see you here.
This is a wonderful place to get some very solid advice. Good luck!
Magic Mike
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Postby Michael Kras » 11/04/08 10:04 PM

Thank you all so much for your warm welcomes!!!
Michael Kras
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