Magicians: The Art of Practice

All beginners in magic should address their questions here.

Postby Matt R » 10/15/08 10:51 AM

Here's an interesting read by Kyle Peron... great to tips on the old adage "Practice makes perfect..."

Read Full Article: The Art of Practice
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Postby Glenn Bishop » 10/15/08 02:39 PM

Interesting read however in my opinion there are about three kinds of ways a magician may practice - in magic.

Practice the craft (Learning the craft).

Practice the art (Performing magic the craft for an audience).

And then to build a Practice - to perform magic as an art as a business.

If I was asked by a young magician how to make it in magic my answer is often - practice - practice - paractice.

Just my opinion.
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Postby Dynamike » 12/09/10 08:58 PM

Always remember practice does not make perfect, practice makes permanent.
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