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Postby Magic_Master » 10/13/08 07:38 AM

I saw Martin_Hs post about Snapillusions and i have the same problem.

I would not recommend them to anyone.
My experience is very bad. When my payment received to snapillusions they told me my products will be shipped in 8-10 weeks... That was 36 weeks ago
Customers service lies to me every time I sent them e mail and ask about the illusions and now the are not even answer the e-mails anymore. They always have bad excuses for the products not being shipped.

After reading about others experience i hope (if I get my illusions) they not look like crap.

What shall i do? Wait? Talk to a lawyer?
If I lived in USA the problem will be easy to fix. Grab a baseball-bat and drive to their office. But unfortunately Im living in Europe.

I hope anyone have some tips for me.
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Postby hugmagic » 10/16/08 10:35 AM

First, if you bought it off the internet or ebay contact them and advise them of your problem.

Second, Contact all major magic magazines and make them aware of the situation so they do not advertise their problem. Genii has already removed their ads.

Contact the IBM and SAM and file an ethics complaint. Snap advises that they are SAM members which is illegal for a business to post such a notice. An individual can be a member but not a company of SAM.

Contact the postal service and file a mail fraud charge. You may also want to send correspondence to the attorney general of Indiana to see if they can file charges for you and pursue this.

If I lived in Indiana, I would file a suit in small claims court or where needed and pursue it.

Hope that helps.

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