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On Monday, October 13, 2008 at 7pm--Midwest Magic is proud to present:

Nate Kranzo

Nathan Kranzo is a full time entertainer who has acquired a reputation for creating unique and original magic. Born and raised in Michigan Nathan honed his entertainment skills in the resorts of northern Michigan and then went on to tour the country mastering his craft.

He is now one of the top magical entertainers in the Midwest. His original magic creations have been published in national and worldwide publications like Magic Magazine, Genii Magazine, The Penumbra, Antinomy, Channel One, and The Linking Ring Magazine. Nathan has performed in over 80 cities in the United States and Canada as well as France, England, Holland, and Japan. He has performed at the world famous Magic Castle in Hollywood, California where he received RAVE reviews. In 2004 Nathan was a consultant for the series The Virtual Magician which aired in over 40 Countries! Most recently in 2005 Nathan was a consultant for Penn and Tellers NBC special.

Nathan will teach effects ideas from his working repertoire including these highlights

Cashing In--Cash in your Casino Chips for real money instantly! Features a bare hand production that will fool them all.

Spirit Force---A card is freely selected by the spectator and returned to the deck. Then the deck is placed face up on the table and an object like a knife or fork slowly begins to move and points to the selected card. This Al Baker inspired effect is very powerful.

Will The Kort Please Rise--A stand up version of Milt Korts classic coins through table routine. Kranzo adds an extra element that looks like real magic.

Hot Sauce Production--In a flash of fire you produce a package of hot sauce. When you open the hot sauce, smoke rolls out. VISUAL!! A must for restaurant work.

Kranzo on The Rising Card--Nathan will teach two VERY POWERFUL and practical techniques to perform the classic Rising Card effect. This effect has long been recognized as one the strongest effects possible with a deck of cards. Nathan has performed dozens of versions over the years and will share with you his thoughts, finesse, and pet handlings for this effect.

Nathans handling of Al Bakers Haunted Pack--The perfect closer! Nathan will teach an easy and practical method that you can perform anytime anywhere. Nathan will also teach you how to perform this effect ON A SPECTARS HAND. You will WANT to perform this after watching Nathan do this.

Nathan will also teach his personal handling of the classic coins across plot and much more!

Tickets are $20 and seating in order of reservation, so call (847) 455-4288 today and see you there!

...and a whole lot more magic in store for this year!

Midwest Magic, 9706 Franklin Av., Franklin Park, Illinois
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Remember it's this coming Monday. Sign up today.
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