The Shotgun Aproach - Does it work?

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Postby Gord » 10/02/08 01:43 PM

I've been looking around a lot recently, checking out other magicians web sites and online booking agencies as research and I've noticed that most magicians seem to take a shotgun approach to what they can do.
For example, let's take "Magician X." His web site says that he can do kids shows, adult shows, parlor shows, walk around, close up, restaurant, mental shows, trade shows etc.
It just seems to me that most magicians look at what they can do and try to fit them into as many categories as possible.

My question is, does it work? Is this a better approach than to just focus on one or two specific area's of performance?

Thanks in advance.

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Postby Jack Turk » 10/05/08 08:43 PM

I personally like the idea of having multiple websites,
each focused on a specific market. For instance, one for
birthday parties, another for mentalism shows, and so

In fact, in the way I use google adwords, I actually have
multiple kid show sites, each tailored around a specific
keyword phrase - for instance, "birthday party" goes to
a slightly different website than does "kids party."

I do have a generic "magician" site, but honestly, I don't
really promote it that much.

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