Looking for a definition of "manipulation"

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Postby D. Smith » 09/23/08 09:37 AM

Guys! Figured you guys probably have just the kind of sources (or ideas where I could start looking) to try to pin down a definition for "manipulation". Hopefully one that's published, so I can cite it.

Why a definition for it? Well... Because I feel like it's the starting block to try to improve the Wikipedia article on "Card Magic". Which is right now termed "Card Manipulation". The article is in serious need of clean-up. I'm not interested in adding to Wikipedia because I want to expose anything -- not at all. What I'm interested in doing is taking some pride in card magic and giving it the kind of 'encyclopedic reference' that embodies our collective craftsmanship that we practice daily. And if there's one thing I'm pretty sure I can assume about the guys reading this article (that are into card magic): You practice the living hell out of your card magic, to perfection.

If you feel like taking a look yourself, or even trying to contribute to the topic, it's here: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Card_manipulation

Anyways, I wanted to start by defining "manipulation" so I can consolidate the manipulation related items in the article, and rename it to "Card Magic" which I think refers to the broader world of card magic at large. Unless "Oil and Water" and "The 21 Card Trick" are manipulations, or maybe I'm all mixed up and all those card vanishes and productions Channing Pollock performed were self-working ;)

Any ideas of websites, books, dvds, name it which might help me come to a jagon-term specific definition would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks in advance, *thumbs up!!*
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 09/23/08 09:43 AM

Simple enough: It looks (to the audience) like you are doing it with your hands.

This as distinct from our craft which involves making sure any manipulations used to acheive the mechanics of a trick are well hidden and unsuspected.
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Postby chaz99 » 04/01/09 08:18 PM

I too am astounded at the level of expertise that it takes to tenkai, back p., etc.. I am currently trying to become proficient wih 12-20 cards at a time.... difficult :(
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 04/01/09 08:38 PM

if you want "difficult" - learn to juggle. Even the simple three pattern with different size and weighted objects is quite a challenge.

now if you want a real challenge: find a "Just so" for some of the magic prop juggling you know to make something magical rather than just clever happen with those skills.
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