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Postby John Tudor » 09/05/08 01:52 PM

I've just posted twelve new magic videos at http:​/​/​www.​youtube.​com/​user/​johntudormagic from the 2005 TV special John Tudor's Magic Theater, featuring myself, Dave Tanner, Glenn Strange, Robbie Moreland, Sarah Straney, and Tim Sonefelt.
About half of them have documentary profiles as well as show footage.

I hope you enjoy...
John Tudor

Channel Link: ... tudormagic

Links to individual videos:
John Tudor's Magic Theater - TV Montage -
The Sword of El Duco (John Tudor) -
The Lady In The Puzzle Illusion (John Tudor) -
Glass of Imagination (John Tudor) -
The Last Dream (John Tudor) -
Sarah Straney, Magic Storyteller -
Dave Tanner's Illusions-
Dave Tanner Floating Table -
Glenn Strange Comedy -
Glenn Strange Snowstorm -
Tim Sonefelt - Dove Act -
Robbie Moreland Cards & Coins:
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