Force of a body part?

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Postby 777 » 08/26/08 01:16 PM

Hello All
Im new to the forum.does any one have a a good force(doesnt have to be great just good)for any body parts?
Im working on my own one,if you could please post the first body part that pops into your head,(not head)that would be great.
it goes like this....
Like the song head shoulders knees and toes
i would like you to think of a body part..good
got one in mind....and so on,so if anyone can help that would be fantastic
Many thanks S.C.
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Postby Matthew Sims » 08/26/08 11:02 PM

You can simply emphasize on the shoulders with tonality change and a mere shrug of your shoulders. You dont want to try to force the first choice or the last. Somewhere near the end is always good. PM me if you have anymore questions as far as details.

Matthew Sims
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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 08/27/08 03:40 AM

What part of the body do you want to force?
Dale Shrimpton
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Postby 777 » 08/28/08 01:31 PM

Hi Matt thanks for your input.hi Dale i would like to force the hand,eyes or heart when i do the song bit i found most go for hand or knees if at the beginning of the show or heart near the end? of the show.ive tryed different outs but none have the right i was wondering is there are tryed and tested
forces for body parts
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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 08/29/08 10:44 AM

hmm. Its difficult, since the parts you want to force are not extremities. Its natural to think arms, legs, head, and trunk. These bits stick out.

You could get rid of the trunk by saying I dont want you to think of any of the rude bits", gesturing over your upper and lower body. This then leaves them with the head, arms, and legs.
Maybe, just maybe you could plant eyes into their head by using the word Visualise. There being two hint words in one, Visual and eyes.
Dale Shrimpton
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Postby Lemniscate » 08/29/08 03:35 PM

There are several marketed effects, as well as effects in print, where body parts or "injuries" are predicted ahead of time. In the ones I have seen, they involve forces but generally not verbal forces.

Since you didn't specify (unless I missed it), I recommend checking them out. Maybe start with Mind, Myth, & Magick, I think there are some in there.

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Postby Pete McCabe » 08/29/08 09:57 PM

Make up a set of business cards with a simple body outline on them.

Draw a small circle on whatever body part you want to force.

Show an unmarked card, discuss the body outline, etc. Give the spectator a pen and ask them to take the card behind their back and draw a small circle on it in some random place.

Before you hand the spectator the card, switch it for the premarked one.

The pen is dry and doesn't write.
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Postby 777 » 08/30/08 09:47 PM

HI thanks for that Dale its given me a few thoughts to play around with.Pete thankyou for that i will give it a go.hi Lemnicate thats my problem, im after verbal forces more then anything.
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Postby Hallas » 09/10/08 02:07 PM

Cards seems a good idea as in Al Spackman's Voodoo. Originally in the Gen magazine then "The Art of Close Up Magic". And various dealers market it.

An early David Regal marketed effect for an injury was 'The Doctor is In" put out through Tannen.

But other than a force, it can be a limited choice so multiple outs are not 'out' of the question.

Another, more comical related approach may be Tyler Wilson's "Stick It To The Man" from the book "Dominatricks"

You could use an ancient idea of having people call out body parts and write them down on bits of paper for a random selection....but write down all the same.

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Postby 777 » 09/11/08 11:29 AM

Thanks for that Hallas
some fantastic ideas and things to look up.thankyou for your input.
all the best
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 09/11/08 10:51 PM

... otherwise known as rape.

Just a joke.
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Postby Maddened » 10/14/08 03:07 PM

"In a while, I would like you to *see* in your mind a part of you. It's important that this part of you is something you feel is essential. Maybe because you *feel* (make a fist at your heart) that you cannot live without it. Maybe because you use it everyday (clasp your hands together, fingers interlaced) even though they're small (open your palms out towards the person as though you're actually referring to the hands when you say small). *See* it in your mind (point at your eyes)... now. What have you chosen?"

Words between asterisks are meant to be emphasised with a stronger word stress than the other words.

I also avoided the word "body" because that tends to make people think of bigger limbs. See how this works for you. Say it fast but clear so there is no time to consciously think about your actions and words.
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Postby 777 » 10/23/08 10:44 AM

Hello Maddened
I played around with it a bit and it worked really well thank you very much for your sugestions
getting rid of the word body helped big time
nany thanks
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Postby Maddened » 10/29/08 07:29 AM

Glad to help. :)
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