What Does Andy Nyman Know?

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Postby Todd Karr » 08/23/08 06:43 PM

Quite a bit about mindreading!

Our friend Andy Nyman, clever magician, actor, and Derren Brown advisor, recently stayed with us at Invisible Manor for a week.

One of the world's most deep-thinking magicians, Andy carefully examined our proofs and techniques for The Shakespeare Experiment.

He suggested not only several diabolical ideas for using our Shakespeare book, but also some unbelievably sly psychological techniques. Andy's given us permission to incorporate these ideas into the technical manual for The Shakespeare Experiment, meaning that YOU, too, will have these tactics in your arsenal as a purchaser.

The book's due mid-September, so you should act now to take advantage of the introductory price of $275 (regular $300) for a superb effect, a collector's prize, and a limited edition of 1000 copies.

Visit The Miracle Factory to see all the details and some of the sumptuous Dor engravings from the printed book.

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