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Postby HenningPaul » 08/23/08 12:23 AM

I'm having a devil of a time securing spring bills for a finale. I'm currently using a "spring flower" (2-piece) clip, and have even resorted to a large bulldog clip to secure the bills so that they won't "explode" prematurely. So frustrating.

Any suggestions? My holdout won't work with them, so I am left with a steal. Not my first choice...


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Postby castawaydave » 08/23/08 07:36 AM

The "N. Y. Magic Symposium Collection #2" includes a routine called "Oralgami" in which Patrick Martin describes a simple, one-piece wire clip/holder for securing spring flowers until wanted.

Something similar to the above, slightly customized for your bills, might work.
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Postby Allen Tipton » 09/11/08 06:26 AM

Would the 'paper clip' on page 155, illustration A, in Bruce Elliott's Magic As A Hobby hold them. He uses it for holding bills, though they are not spring ones.
In stationers shops I have also found short, medium & long stainless steel clips. Imagine a piece of metal, say 8 incjes long, doubled over itself, making it 4 inches long. The 2 parts do not quite meet and the end of one is slightly bent up, giving easy access to place paper etc( I have even used a long sherry glass) inside it.
I even use one to hold my dress suit trousers on the hanger by slipping over them.
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Postby Spellbinder » 09/11/08 07:39 AM

If you want a self-contained holder for spring flowers or bills, simply camouflage one of the stainless steel clips Allen is describing in the post above. In other words, if you want to palm a bunch of spring things, toss it from hand to hand or be able to set it inside a hat, etc without having the springs "sprung," cover the clip with real or fake dollar bills so it just appears to be another one (cover with green leaf material for flowers). Do your sleights and load moves and when you are ready for the action, pull away the clip and just leave it there under the pile of whatever. It can be attached to a "bouquet" by the same strings used to hold the other spring things together.
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Postby hugmagic » 09/11/08 08:58 AM

The clips are called bankers clips and sold at most office supply stores.

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