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Postby ChristianCagigal » 08/08/08 07:24 PM

Chloe Veltman is the Chief Theater Critic for the SF Weekly which is one of the 2 big independent newspapers in San Francisco and one of the 4 main San Francisco papers that get's circulated around town and around the Bay. She's also a freelance writer whose work appears in papers from London to New York (ok there's nothing but ocean between London and New York but you get the idea.) She sent me one of the many articles that have been flying around recently covering the report in Nature Reviews Neuroscience about magicians knowledge containing a window into the brain.

I replied back to her and she seemed to think my response was worth writing about, even though I totally digressed from the topic. The link leads to her blog on Arts Journal that gets about a quarter of a million hits. http://www.artsjournal.com/lies/2008/08 ... s-out.html

This also appears on her own website: http://www.chloeveltman.com/blog/2008/0 ... html#links

I am a feared that I may get some flack for it but...ah well...here goes. Enjoy!

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