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Postby DHY » 08/03/08 09:27 AM

I will be in New Orleans from Sun 8-10 through Tues 8-12. Any magicians performing or clubs meeting during that time? Now that Harry Anderson has moved to NC, is there a magic shop or a regular magic venue in New Orleans?
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 08/03/08 10:46 AM

The local magicians were getting together at Bennigans, but that chain just went bankrupt. Maybe Racherbaumer will respond.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby Mike Remington » 10/31/11 09:55 PM

Does anyone have any recent information about magic in New Orleans? When I lived there, I was much more into music than magic and music is a big part of any trip back there.
Mike Remington
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Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 11/01/11 12:32 PM

The magic scene in New Orleans is very limited and circumscribed these days. Harry Anderson's SIDE SHOW magic shop closed when Katrina hit. Magic Masters finally closed. The two fraternal clubs are small, reduced to surviving members and a few newbies. SAM meets on the second Wednesday of every month. IBM meets on the first Friday. Both clubs meet at the Holiday Inn on Causeway near Interstate #10 in Metairie. Doug Conn, Magic Mike, and Dante work as street magicians from time to time. Steve Reynolds works restaurants. Jo-Jo the Clown regularly works schools, parties, etc. Irwin Royce still does shows. That's it!

The Bennigan's get-togethers (started 19 years ago) meet every Monday night, but they now convene at Applebee's on the West Bank at Holiday and DeGaulle. Only a handful meet now (5-7) as compared to the peak participation days when 10-15 met every Monday.

Currently, the magic scene in New Orleans is woefully "flat" and without much spirited activity. This may reflect the dispirited times, especially in certain regions of America. As I've been saying for a number of years, there is a "sea-change" occurring in magicdom that is still evolving and devolving. New Orleans is reflecting these changes.
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Postby Mike Remington » 12/13/11 10:17 AM

On the Sunday that I was in New Orleans, there were five magicians busking on Royal Street in the French Quarter.

I had an interesting experience in New Orleans. Within a few hours of arriving in town, I met one of my oldest and closest friends at his local bar. While talking with a friend of his there, she mentioned that her partner was a magician. I asked about this and she mentioned a book written about his magic. She did a double take when I said Doug Conn? When I said I was interested in magic and had that book, she asked whether I might be interested in meeting Doug and Jon Racherbaumer Tough question.

Jon I enjoyed meeting you and the guys at the Monday night session. Although a small group, there cant be too many weekly meetings (outside of Chicago) that include three creators who have had entire books of their work published. The night reminded me of one of your books A broad range of magic from gimmicks to tough sleights, all extensively credited with sources and inspirations. When I arrived back in Malaysia, I immediately pulled some of the books that were discussed from my shelves Books by Bannon, Conn (Cummins), Marlo, Solomon, and Racherbaumer and have been working through them. It also led me to order Steve Reynolds book and your Cardfixes. I will try to make sure that any future trip to New Orleans includes a Monday night.

The friend I was visiting, Father Steve, tries to convince me that coincidences like this, and a few other things that happened while in New Orleans, are evidence of a higher power at work. I told him that the lesson I learned was that I should spend more time talking to women in bars.
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