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Postby smokemist » 08/01/08 05:30 PM

I'm preparing for a private party show in a few months, and would like to close the show with a Prediction effect with the following guidelines:

- have an envelope prediction hanging in the open from the very begining.

- predict a word(s) from their own books / magazines.

- no real memorization needed.

- no long drawn out forces

- no nail wr*&^% or TT writers.

- no envelope sw*&%^$#.

What would you suggest? thanks a lot guys..
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Postby Necromancer » 08/01/08 11:30 PM

I think you'll find what you're looking for among the book tests in Waters' Mind Myth & Magick.

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Postby Necromancer » 08/03/08 07:53 AM

Also, don't overlook the classic David Hoy version in The Bold And Subtle Miracles of Dr. Faust.
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Postby NCMarsh » 08/03/08 01:57 PM

You've basically written a dealer ad for yourself. Dealers tick off long lists of methods not used in ads because many hobbyists are disdainful of the simplicity of the secrets they know.

You learn a secret and you think "that's it?," and so begins the chase for a secret that is going to live up to the satisfaction and excitement of the illusion it creates...

There is nothing wrong with that as a source of amusement and a personal hobby. Now, however, you are talking about performing -- sharing magic with real people. Once you take that step, it is no longer about the methods that entertain you.

The Hoy trick is fantastic. It is also, as the book title suggests, bold. To perform it well requires a certain amount of confidence that best comes from experience. If you're preparing months in advance for this particular show, I'd probably steer clear.

A very practical option is Bob Cassidy's Impromptu Book Test (you can find it in The Artful Mentalism of Bob Cassidy) ... and I would also take a look at Roberto Giobbi's excellent work on the riffle some of his finesse applies to this piece

As you're playing this as a prediction, you'll need some time alone with the book beforehand to decide on a force page and prepare the book so that you can effortlessly access the force page during performance (I have never performed the Cassidy piece as a this is just hypothetical...but an approach I would try would be to short the page prior to the force could also, if you preferred, use the short for the actual force...I like the Cassidy/Giobbi handling I use)

The variants of Barrie Richardson's fantastic phone book test would also work...the best information, in terms of actually doing this in the real world for real people, is in Bob Kohler's The Human Phone Number...but the investment may not make sense if this is a one-shot deal...

Maurice Fogel's Headline Hunter could also fit your needs...there is a phenomenal Barrie Richardson piece in Theater of The Mind -- the name of the piece escapes me and my library is in storage while I move -- where a chooses a piece of newspaper, closes here eyes, and lets a word "float" up to her...could be easily used as a prediction and fits all of your method requirements...I haven't done it or seen anyone do it, but it reads very, very strong

Good Luck,

N. Orlando Magician
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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 08/08/08 04:58 AM

Im probably on my own here but I dont think that a book test is that strong an effect to close a show.

as a stand alone effect, or as part of a short act, it would be fine.

predict something else.
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Postby Bill Palmer » 08/17/08 11:46 PM

What would you suggest?

Read Annemann and Corinda. Then read Waters.

BTW, a book test where all you get is a word is NOT mindreading. It's word guessing.
Bill Palmer, MIMC
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Postby Max Maven » 08/18/08 01:43 AM

Bill Palmer wrote:
What would you suggest?
BTW, a book test where all you get is a word is NOT mindreading. It's word guessing.

I'll disagree with that, Bill. There are many, many booktests, with many, many variables. Without question, there are some wherein "all" you get is a word and it is absolutely mindreading. Then there are some that are "word guessing" or even something less interesting.

Your statement is akin to proclaiming that all fruit is sweet.
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Postby Dick Christian » 08/18/08 11:23 AM

I know this is in reply to a note you posted more than 7 months ago, but I've only just joined the forum.

In your post of 1/17/08 you assert that "a book test book test where all you get is a word is NOT mindreading. Its word guessing." Sorry, but I must strongly disagree. It certainly CAN be "word guessing" when poorly presented, but the right test, properly performed can be one of the strongest demonstrations of mindreading. As with any effect in mentalism (or any form of magic) it depends on several factors, among them the effect and its method, the context in which it is presented and, most importantly of all -- the performer.
Dick Christian
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Postby Lemniscate » 08/19/08 05:57 PM

Bill Palmer wrote:
What would you suggest?

Read Annemann and Corinda. Then read Waters.

BTW, a book test where all you get is a word is NOT mindreading. It's word guessing.

I've got to totally disagree. One could make any number of arguments that this or that is guessing on some level or another. I think you've fallen into the trap of thinking the way you like to handle something is the "right" way to handle it. It's not a shocking point of view but it is not defensible.

Oh well, Mr. Maven said exactly what I meant, except much much better. And clearer. And people will listen to him (you'd just argue the point with me, Bill, lol).
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 08/20/08 09:13 AM

The OP reads pretty much like the standard headline or even confabulation routine.

What about those approaches do you find lacking?

Ah what the heck - have you read Ted Lesley's Paramiracles?
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Postby Ray Noble » 08/23/09 10:37 PM

This sure brings back memories! I havent done this routine for over 20 years. It is easy as heck to do.

Back then I stated my show with an envelope hanging from the ceiling on a ribbon. During my program I would ask a few questions to get to know people and moved right along. Or I would point at someone and ask them to call out any word that then wanted or a place that they have been (this can be played many ways).

Near the end of my program I would bring out a chair and place it under the envelope. I used it to stand on to remove the envelope from the ribbon. Of course inside written on a sheet of paper was the information that I have asked earlier or just a moment ago.

Very easy to do and looks really good. Why spend $$$$$$$$ on a prop, when you can do the same effect with just a ribbon and envelope? LOL

Ray Noble
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