"customising" playing cards

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Postby BrendanK » 07/31/08 09:21 PM

Anybody got a successful method for printing onto blank-faced Bicycle playing cards, to allow one to tailor a message relating to an individual event, allowing give-aways relating to the sponsor? Preferably directly onto the card rather than onto adhesive labels...

Inkjet? Laser?
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Postby John Signa » 07/31/08 11:36 PM

Someone with a silkscreen setup can print images on cards as is.

The "Versatile Monte & Beyond" DVD (around $20) covers how to print your own cards using an inkjet printer. The process is very manual (remove the finish, print one card at a time in a homemade template, apply a finish) and is good for small quantities.
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Postby NCMarsh » 08/01/08 12:18 PM

I've talked to a good deal of printers and the finish is the issue...if you're doing 500 units or more of flap montes, I highly recommend Fun, Inc.
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Postby Jim Maloney » 08/01/08 12:35 PM

Craig Mastuoka's "The Gaff Factory" e-book contains info on printing on cards: "an unusual method of indirectly laser printing on cards that doesn't require stripping away the finish [This printing method requires an item that is not easily obtainable outside the U.S.A.]. It works without removing the air-cushion finish and does not involve stickers, clear labels, iron-on t-shirt transfers, or waterslide decal paper."

It's $20, and you can download it from lybrary.com

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