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Postby CardioloJest » 07/30/08 03:17 AM

If all goes according to plan tonight, magician and escape artist Criss Angel will slip out of handcuffs, scamper to the roof of the Spyglass Resort and be whisked away by helicopter before the nine-story structure implodes.

Theyre going to shoot out the heart of the building and then bring down the sides so that they fold on top of each like a deck of cards. The explosive company has taken great pains to make the televised stunt "aesthetically attractive" for Angel's A&E cable TV series.
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Postby naquada » 07/30/08 05:22 AM are running a live blog on this direct from the Spyglass in florida... theres also a bit more on the explosive company and whats been set up before the event in the area of simulations etc
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Postby Adrian Kuiper » 07/30/08 08:36 AM

Headline in this mornings Tampa paper quotes Criss Angel as saying,
"he chose Clearwater because no other city in the country would allow him to perform the dangerous stunt."

Of course, being the cynic that I am, maybe it's possible that this is the only location in the country that is imploding a hotel.

It's still being billed as something no one else has ever done.
I guess if you say it often enough, maybe someone will believe it.

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