Secrets of The Shakespeare Experiment

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Postby Todd Karr » 07/19/08 12:48 PM

A few extra secrets about The Shakespeare Experiment, possibly the most elegant and well-designed book test ever:

1. Sonnets: The huge 800-page book includes not only Shakespearean dramas but all 154 Sonnets for the ultimate in poetic artistry in your performances! A Shakespeare expert could read them and not find anything amiss, yet you can still instantly read the spectator's mind no matter what page he looks at!

2. The Trick Glossary: At the back of the book is an actual Shakespearean lexicon. Of course, we've also gimmicked this glossary to let you divine several words on any page the spectator opens to!

3. Heightened Elegance: A beautiful ribbon bookmark is bound into each book, which is also bound in leather with golden gilt edges, a color frontispiece tipped in, and special endpapers, and you get a set of optional secret accessories.

4. Illustrated with engravings: The book has dozens of beautiful Gustave Dore engravings.

It's limited to only 1000 copies, so order now at the introductory price of $275 (regular $300)! (They're going fast and most will undoubtedly be sold by the August release.) Check out some testimonials, see some images, and delve into the design specs at The Miracle Factory!

Best wishes,
Todd Karr
Todd Karr
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Postby mai-ling » 07/19/08 04:40 PM

the complete works does include Will's poems.

thank you for sharing the information about the sonnets.
that was what i was asking about originally when you
mentioned about it in the last thread.
you will remember my name
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