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Postby JenAdams » 07/16/08 08:20 PM

Hi there,

This is Jack's daughter, Jen. I came across a post inquiring about magic mountain and replied. If you have questions check it out and start asking.
Some of you know me...hello peeps!
I am looking for stories, information, anecdotes involving my father for a project I have been working on slowly since his death in 1994. If you would like to help out, all are welcome. I can't believe there are people on here that went to school with him.
Ben, if you read this...I have the newspaper clipping from his straight jacket escape outside the theater for the Houdini film debut. He was 16. I am compiling and eventually scanning in some some info to be viewed online.
Any Help?
--Jen Adams
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Postby Todd Karr » 07/23/08 12:46 PM

Jack Adams was an inspiring man who left a quiet legacy in the magic world, including a great instant costume change featured by Jeff McBride. Jack helped Jeff turn the corner into some higher forms of magic artistry. I met him at the very first Mystery School and was lucky enough to spend some time with him there.

For the Mystery School book, I found an old photo of Jack performing on the Pixanne children's TV show, and the contrast of Jack in classic magician garb in the midst of an enchanted forest was a superb and meaningful image to open the book.

Jack's tale will be a wonderful one...good luck, Jen!
Todd Karr
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Postby hugmagic » 07/23/08 10:42 PM

I will look in the files and see if there is anything from your dad there. I think I remember a couple of things.

Richard Hughes
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Postby Magiphile » 07/24/08 09:21 PM

This is Bob Rossi. I new and worked with Jack and miss him very much. Some key words to trigger your memory....Mineola House, Jones Beach Arabian Nights, WCAU in Philadelphia, the house upstate NY where I stayed for a few days both before and after the Woodstock Festival.....Your mom was she from Idaho???
How's Noah?
I'm in Las Vegas for a few days but, live in both Las Vegas and Hong Kong so it's hard to catch up with me.
Hope to hear from you
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Postby JenAdams » 07/28/08 12:22 PM


I think you might be confusing me with one of the children that my dad had with Nancy. Jones beach was before my time. My father met my mom in the early 70's and I didn't come along until '74.
Would love to know more about Jones Beach. I still have some of the costumes from it.
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Postby Gary Brown » 08/21/08 12:42 AM

How wonderful to find two people I haven't spoken to in many years in the middle of this thread! Jen and Bob -- I hope you are both well.

Jen, I flipped back through the Flosso book in which I mentioned your dad and the Magic Mountain Hotel. The person who had the best recollection regarding Magic Mountain was Bradley Fields -- whom you probably can find with a quick search on the web (if I remember correctly, he was in DC when I last spoke with him). My other "secret weapon" in researching the book was Bob Rossi, who appears above, and was extremely generous with his time, sharing memories. I am willing to bet that he will be of great help with your project.

I would be eager to hear from either or both of you to help with any projects or simply to catch up sometime.

Gary Brown
Gary Brown
Gary Brown
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