4 full page adds for Ackerman DVDs?

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Postby PickaCard » 02/26/08 04:23 PM

I sure hope the consumer is not going to be stuck with higher prices for the Expert at the Card Table DVDs to cover inflated advertising.

A project such as this does not need 4 pages of advertising.

I think I'll wait for the reviews instead of jumping into the hype (as I am guilty of doing time and time again)
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 02/26/08 04:39 PM

It's obvious you don't know anything about marketing. Advertising creates interest and generates sales. Using multiple pages to announce a big project like this is commonplace in the real world and has been done in the magic world before. Making a comment about whether the purchaser is going to have to pay more for the product because of what you feel is excessive advertising is just plain silly. All advertising costs are absorbed in the total product cost--that's how business works. Geno Munari's retail price for this will, I am fairly certain, seem mighty low in comparison to other multi-disc sets being produced right now.
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Postby Roger M. » 02/26/08 06:10 PM

If you wait too long there may not be any left.

Ackerman+Erdnase = What We've Been Waiting For :D
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