Evolution of Packet Effects

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Postby swamy » 06/24/08 11:45 AM

Following is a time line chart of the PACKET CARD EFFECTS.

Period I
Primarily packet effects were of self working in nature using gaff and mechanical cards.
Period II (post World war I)
Trends of previous period continued..
Period - III
The invention of the Elmsley count and development of Twisting the Aces set off a new trend in packet effects..
Period - IV
This period takes off with the coming of Emerson and West known specifically for packet effects.
Period - V
Momentum of the previous period is being carried forward
Period VI (now and future)
Many thoughts can be put forward. For e.g.
Consolidation of the existing effects by conceptulisation. i.e. Articles, books on techniques.
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 06/24/08 12:14 PM

Swamy, in our history - especially where we have a good five hundred years of it to explore in print in conjuring - what lead you to your timeline?

Sources - Citations?
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Postby swamy » 06/24/08 12:18 PM

I have just focused on Packet effects(card) and not on the entire domain of magic.
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Postby Adrian Kuiper » 06/24/08 04:40 PM


I should think that Phil Goldstein and Hank Lee should be added to your Period IV....they were extremely prolific and successful with their line of packet tricks.

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Postby Reinhard Mueller » 06/24/08 04:47 PM

Don't forget

Paul Hallas' SMALL BUT DEADLY (The Packet Trickster's Handbook)(2002), which begins with "A Journey Back in Time".
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Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 06/24/08 04:53 PM

The HALLAS book is a dense history. I touched on the history and offered tricks in my two GOOD TURNS mss. Add what Max Maven wrote about false counts, which are integral to packet tricks, in COUNTHESAURUS and you have a beginning.

David of Regal fame just reviewed two packet tricks in REEL MAGIC by Bob Farmer and John Bannon, both excellent. Regal's packet version of the Hotel Trick is also good for a whirl...or should we say, "twist"?

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Postby swamy » 06/25/08 07:02 AM

The book "SMALL BUT DEADLY" is a really a wonderful book on PACKET effects. The books contains useful information apart from historical facts,tricks, names of effects and its place of availability.

Secondly the "Time Line chart of the Packet effects" mentioned initially prompts/motivates us to analyse the past and think conciously how the future would be or we would like to see with respect to Packet effects.
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