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Postby Ricky Difeo » 06/19/08 12:37 PM


I think that many magicians don't use the hold out for fear.
A heap of effects can be presented with it device and news ways will open you in presentations.

I am using the device "The Invisible Hand" (Vernet) from 4 years ago. I like this device, is pure magic.

Now with the news DVDs from Vernet (Michel&Greco), we will get news presentations and tips. The history about the Houl Out of Kepllinger and Jack Miller is wonderfull.
The Silk Story is my prefered from this set of 3 DVDs.-

Ricardo Difeo ;)
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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 06/19/08 12:40 PM

Sounds good.

How would you compare this DVD set to the others on using the holdout on the market already?

What made this one special for you?

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Postby Ricky Difeo » 06/19/08 01:52 PM


First the DVDs quality and presentation of the 3 dvds set is very good. Comparable to several great set as Osterlind No Camera Trick and Potassy Trilogy.

Michel as performer is one very magical person, and if you keep in mind that michel use it from years ago and if you can see him perform, you can to understand me.-
Michel is fanatic and study the hold out from years ago, his history and have the original Millers Hold Out (you can see it in the video). I never can see it in use as show Michel.
We can see and learn almost 30 wonderfull effects with The Invisible Hand.

Also... if you must read and ear all best magic in english, you will agree with me that the subtitle in spanish at the dvds, is very hard to find in another sets and its are welcome.

Hi! I understand that this it is not a problem of all.

I think that its (subtitles) must be very expensive for the producer of DVDs to include the subtitle for performances and explanations for the latinoamerican magician or spanish magician as the Films DVDs. This set is in english and subtitle in spanish is welcome.

Does your now understand me because I write english so bad, not?
I am argentinean, the product is very good and argentinean, then..... the rest depends on you. ;)

Ricardo Difeo
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Postby David Alexander » 06/19/08 07:14 PM

I have a set of these DVDs and can attest to their high quality to the point that they seem more a labor of love than a commercial product. They do have solid, commercial material. Michel fully and completely examines the gravity hold out and variations on the theme of the hold out.

The production values are high and the inclusion of some Tango music only added to my enjoyment.

Perhaps most importantly, Michel is charming in his presentations, which in and of itself, is a good lesson for the student of magic. His pace and timing are also to be admired.

I should reveal that some time back he asked me for pictures of my presentation of the Frakson/Martin Vanishing Birdcage, which I supplied. They are included in the DVD on the Vanishing Bird Cage, so his coverage of the effect is wide-ranging.

Michel's original presentation of the repeat vanishing cage with the removal of the coat at the end is extremely clever and easily worth the price of the set.
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Postby Kent Gunn » 06/19/08 08:25 PM


Where did you get the DVDs. Ricky was gracious enough to tell me Vernet made them. I am considering a trip to Buenos Aires, if that's what it takes. None of the magic shops that Vernet listed had them on their website. My local bricks and mortar says they'll be in next week.

Should that fall through, who actually has them in stock?
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Postby David Alexander » 06/19/08 08:56 PM


Thought I mentioned that Michel sent me a set from Argentina because of my small contribution to the last DVD in the set. He was extremely generous for a small favor, but that is part of his charm.

You could email him at or you could call him at 54 (221) 455 1989 in Buenos Aires. He speaks excellent English.

The mailing address is:

Michel & Greco Magic Prods S.R.L.
Casilla de Correro 575
B1902WAF - La Plata
Buenos Aires Argentina
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Postby Ricky Difeo » 06/19/08 09:11 PM

Hi Kent!

You should not travel to Buenos Aires. :)
This set will be available soon in stores magic U.S..
I have a set of these DVDs because Michel is one magical my friend as well as Greco.

But if you want dancing TANGO in Buenos Aires, you are welcome!!!

Ricardo Difeo. ;)
Ricky Difeo
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Postby Kent Gunn » 06/19/08 09:30 PM

David, Ricky,

Thank you. If my B&M local shop can't come up with them in a week or so. I'll call Argentina.

I have been to Buenos Aires, to play music. I'd never survive a second trip. Carnival, Gorgeous Women dear sweet God in heaven such beautiful women!!!

Kent Gunn
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Postby Mats Kjellstrom » 06/20/08 02:15 AM

Mats Kjellstrom
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Postby Dave Egleston » 06/21/08 09:40 AM


Don't even bother to learn to use a hold out, you're already too good!

Dave Egleston
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Postby jacsal43 » 06/21/08 11:07 AM

Mr Kent F. Gunn, you speAk spanisch ? My inglish are very poor.

The last week I buyed your routine "THE FUN SHOP CUPS AND BALLS", book through internet, and I have some interesting cuestions about you handling, but my inglish are no enough.

Maybe you speak o can you read spanish ? because I can read inglish vert well.

Thank you

Toni Cachadia ( Barcelona ) Spain.
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Postby John Carney » 06/22/08 09:07 PM

Toni, ste es un Web site que le utilizo ..... ... =Translate

. puedo traducir a menudo un prrafo del texto, o usted puede mecanografiar adentro la direccin del Web page y traducir un Web page entero. Apenas enrolle abajo y seleccione ingls-espaol en la lista. mejor de la suerte,
John Carney
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Postby Kent Gunn » 06/24/08 02:16 AM

Senor Carney, Gracias, baby. That's a great idea!!

Senor Cachadina,

My wife can read Spanish. She will translate for me.

My email is

Please write. I will answer your questions!!!

Kent Gunn
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Postby Michael Close » 06/25/08 10:34 PM

Estimado Bombero Carney:

Muchos pescados para su sugerencia blanda para las pepitas crudas de la capacidad de la traduccin. Puedo ahora escribir mojado al ganado hambriento en otros sofs del mrmol.

Muchos patos.

Cierre de Michael
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Postby erlandish » 06/26/08 04:53 AM

Aw man.

I know about 20 words in Spanish, and three of the most interesting ones will get me banned from polite discussion...
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Postby Ricky Difeo » 06/26/08 09:07 AM

Hi Michael!

You lost the following phrase: " Hasta la vista Baby " TERMINATOR

Ricardo Difeo ;)
Ricky Difeo
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Postby Kent Gunn » 06/26/08 10:02 AM

Not that I would ever try to redirect a thread to its initial poster's comment or idea, but . . .

Michel of Vernet will ship (act as retailer) individual copies of the DVDs all you have to do is email him, in English or Spanish. He , unlike the ugly Americans speaks more than one language.

120 bucks, airmailed to your door. If you're a hold-out junkie or want to become one, this will most likely be some solid stuff.

Don't forget Todd Karr has the Mystic Craig Videos now. The instigator/master of the hold-out lectures on those very VHS tapes. I've sent off for the MC videos as well. Mr. Karr mentions Miller, by name in his ads. I assume the two Miller lectures are on there.

Antonio Romero has great routines too. His HO is a new twist, I say "Go ahead buy it!!!"

Some fat old man is doing a cups and balls routine on youtube coverage. I think he's using a Miller HO. Some crap about fun shop and cups . . .

Hey, David Alexander thanks for the idea to email Michel. He is more than charming and helpful.

Ricky Difeo, thanks for starting this thread and letting us Americans know the Argentinian master had finally tipped his HO work!!! I'm very excited to see how this device should be used.
Kent Gunn
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Postby Jon Racherbaumer » 06/26/08 11:55 AM

The 3 DVD set on THE INVISIBLE HAND by Vernet is pure gold. Michel is the king of the Hold Out. I spent lots of time with Michel in Argentina last May. Anyone wanted to do real magic while standing should master this stuff. You will not be disappointed. Your audiences will be thrilled.
Jon Racherbaumer
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Postby Kent Gunn » 07/22/08 10:24 PM

The DVDs arrived from Vernet.

The production values are excellent. Michel has a wonderful speaking voice, in English. His polish as a performer shines through in every frame.

You could easily manufacture your own hold out and adjust it to fit you with the information on the DVDs. I don't see the Vernet Hold-Out listed for sale on their website. I suspect they're churning them out. If you need one, email Michel at Vernet. His command of the English language is complete. He can tell you if they plan to stock them again. I simply have no idea.

It really takes very, very little to rig one up on your own. If you're completely inept the least expensive, yet completely functional HO available is still available from John Rogers at: His video, showcasing his HO is also great!!! Get it too! (Smokin' Candies)

The routines on the Vernet DVDs are mostly Michel's with a few twists on standard routines. There is significantly more material on these DVDs than come with the Perfect Hold Out DVD. The fact Michel is speaking in English instead of being dubbed over is a significant plus.

I'm a hold-out nut. I was entranced by the background information. They have some pictures and video of some varied hold outs. I found it fascinating. You mileage may vary.

With Antonio Romero's package you get 3 routines that are fairly complex. You also get a very advanced and completely functional hold out. With Michel's package you get three beautifully produced DVDs with many more applications.

Overall, I have spent far more time with the Romero DVD. What Antonio's DVD lacks in production values, for me, it more than made up for it in seeing a true master use his very refined hold-out. I think Antonio Romero's skill with the hold-out is just a thing of freakin' beauty. Smooooooth baby, smooooooth.

I think Antonio Romero's product is a great bargain. Google for it. I'll bet the best price you find is here: ... t+hold+out

50 bucks less than anywhere else. They shipped very quickly and have an excellent and friendly staff.

BUT . . . I had found or discovered much of the information Michel puts out. For sheer quality of information delivered. The Vernet DVDs are unmatched by everything under 2000 dollars.

The information that comes with the F/K model is on an entirely different level. You get what you pay for.

If you have little previous experience with a hold out and are wondering if it provides enough pop or pizazz to add to your arsenal. Get Michel's DVDs from Vernet. It will answer any question you could have for practicality or level of difficulty.

If you are a long-time Hold-Out user. Get it anyway you know you have to have it.

My own experience is with a model much more refined than the model Michel uses. He is very, very talented with the model he uses. He has an excellent product for any and all who want to learn how to use a gravity hold-out. He also provided me a wonderful model of how a professional magician could use this device.

Best guys ever with this toy remain Mssrs. Fitch and Kohler. If you have the dough, send uncle Bob or uncle Bob some long green and get the real work.

I have zero economic connection of any type of with any of the products I recommended. They all have provided me some great toys though!!!
Kent Gunn
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