Stage Drawing Duplication

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Postby David Devlin » 06/14/08 08:07 PM

I am looking for a good stage drawing duplication, which requires no pre-show work. Right now I am simply using a hooded blind fold, so I am just looking at the picture through the blind fold. But I want to use the blind fold in another routine, so I don't want to use it twice. Can you help?

David Devlin
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David Devlin
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Postby Dr Adrian Solon » 06/22/08 08:14 AM

I suggest you get one of John Riggs's 'Brown Hornet' impression boards. This excellent prop will allow you many variations of drawing duplications. See:
Dr Adrian Solon
Dr Adrian Solon
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Postby SorenHarbo » 06/22/08 03:36 PM

You can also use the new electronic empression device from Labcomagic, Mindbuster. You can read more about it here:

Soren Harbo
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Postby James Alan » 06/22/08 07:45 PM

James Biss sells the Impressionable Mind Board. The impressions can be read even in the worst lighting conditions and it appears to the audience to be just a thin sheet of white hard plastic that you've improvised into a clipboard.

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James Alan
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Postby Tony Razzano » 06/25/08 11:15 AM

Another is the BUMA board from Stevens Magic.

Osterlind's is very good, also.
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Tony Razzano
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Tony Razzano
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Postby eddyray » 06/26/08 05:28 PM

James Alan wrote:James Biss sells the Impressionable Mind Board. The impressions can be read even in the worst lighting conditions and it appears to the audience to be just a thin sheet of white hard plastic that you've improvised into a clipboard.

I recommend this impression board. It's served me very well and as mentioned it looks pretty innocent.

I would also recommend looking into Richard Osterlind's drawing duplication from No Camera DVD set.
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Postby Mats Kjellstrom » 06/28/08 04:27 AM

Check out two videos with smart clipboard:
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Postby Bermini » 07/06/08 11:13 AM

Devlin, you may want to continue using the blindfold for the DD
as opposed to spending money for impression boards. If however you persist in using a "board" I would suggest that you check very carefully before buying to aviod disappointment. Don't know what else you may want to use the blindfold for but perhaps that effect can be done another way.
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Postby Ray Noble » 08/23/09 10:47 PM

There is a drawing duplication for stage in the book "Edge of Reality". It can be performed any time in a program with no pre-show, nor any one of those fancy clip boards. Just two dry eraser boards are used and some man bits. LOL

Ray Noble
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Postby jjsanvert » 08/25/09 11:54 AM

I recommand also James Biss Mind Board. You can't go wrong with it because you will see the drawing whatever the lights conditions on stage - and it can't go wrong as can any electronic device.
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Postby Shad » 09/22/09 10:34 PM

Banachek's Picture Duplication (from Psi Series 2) is excellent and has no impressions to read - electronic or otherwise.
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Postby Fabio » 11/25/12 05:58 AM

HI All,
any update since 2009 on this interesting topic?
I usually see cool drawing dup routines with a solid preshow behind but, like David, I am interested in tricks with these characteristics

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Postby Alan Wheeler » 12/01/12 09:05 PM

1. Osterlind Design Duplication System (ODDS)
2. Max Maven's Mind's Eye Deck
3. Homemade blow book or popped-eyed popper force
4. Becker's "Sneak Thief"-type peek
Alan Wheeler
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Postby Doug Dyment » 12/02/12 08:37 PM

Michael Weber's "Back to the Drawing Boards".
... Doug :: Proprietor of The Deceptionary
Doug Dyment
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Postby SCobalt » 12/04/12 07:04 PM

If you are looking for the Weber booklet, I have two copies of the information.

Email me if interested.
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