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Postby Duce » 06/12/08 08:52 AM

I want know about this book CardZone by Jerry Sadowitz and Peter Duffie before I buy.No doubt on authors but I want to know the type of material available inside.Please help.
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Postby Dave Egleston » 06/12/08 01:08 PM

Card work.

As you said Duffie and Sadowitz. Lots of hard stuff lots of good stuff and a few so-so things - from my perspective.

I am never sure what people want to know when they make an inquiry such as this.

I suck as a magician, but I like this book.

Dave Egleston
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Postby Duce » 06/13/08 05:14 AM

thanks Dave.As you mentioned hard stuff and good stuff thats clears everything.Actually it differ in skill level.In my skill level I will not buy any material on Faro stuff coz I cant bite the this is the reason...

Thanks again
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Postby brian ovens » 06/20/08 07:10 PM

cant say im a fan of this book, nearly every trick needs a set up. in fact, i dont use anything from it.
brian ovens
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