What is your favorite stage/platform effect you FIRST found in Genii?

Discuss your favorite platform magic and illusions.

Postby magicbar » 06/10/08 09:33 PM

What is your favorite platform or stage effect that you first discovered in Genii? Please supply the issue if possible so we can share in your discovery and any tweaking or success you had with the effect.
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Postby Chris Aguilar » 06/10/08 11:16 PM

what is your favorite mentalism efect you found FIRST in Genii?

What is your favorite close-up effect you read about FIRST in Genii?

And now "What is your favorite stage/platform effect you FIRST found in Genii?"

Ever considered actually reading the darn magazines and finding some favorites on your own?
Chris Aguilar
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Postby magicbar » 06/12/08 12:45 PM

To Chris I say yes, I read them and have found several. I was simply asking for some sharing in this community forum since I know there is probably at least one good one I missed in my 4'+ stack of Geniis spanning decades. Perhaps someone found some usefulness or appeal I didn't see at first glance. I still read the old ones. Although my main interest is in bar magic I sometimes do family/kid parlor-type shows. When I made the post I didn't have the references nearby but I finally did post under my close-up/mentalism entries.

I have noticed over the years I have found many great effects that were excerpts from books I did not/could not buy or from creators/historians that dug up some good ones that were unavailable through other means.

Regarding the stage/parlor post I found myself simply recalling the many good effects (originally described as close-up or in a non-specific performing situation) that I performed in a parlor show.

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