what is your favorite mentalism efect you found FIRST in Genii?

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Postby magicbar » 06/10/08 09:30 PM

What is your favorite mental magic/mentalism effect that you discovered in Genii? Please supply the issue if possible so we can share in your discovery and any tweaking or success you had with the effect. I know I have several.
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Postby magicbar » 06/12/08 12:10 PM

In thinking of a contribution to this thread (umm, err, since I started it) I was thinking of all the good effects in structure to which I applied a mental(ism) presentation. There are scads of 'I found your card' or 'I guessed [correctly]' effects that with the proper presentation achieve a mentalism take on a magical effect. I am trying to single some effects out but Max Maven's essays and interviews illuminate my point quite well. (...and probably was the food for thought in crystallizing these notions) One should have no problem finding at least 2-10 such articles in their stack of Geniis
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Postby ScottCram » 06/30/08 11:39 PM

My two favorite mental effects that I first ran across in Genii:

The Color Out Of Space (February, 1989): The performer shows 4 envelopes, each with an ESP symbol. While the performer's back is turned, the spectator chooses one of the symbols/envelopes, opens the envelope, removes the pen and notepad inside, duplicates the symbol, then hides the drawing in a pocket, and places the envelopes out of the performer's view. Without any questions, the performer is able to divine the chosen symbol.

Hummeracle (March, 1990): Bob Hummer's 3-card trick, well routined by Max Abrams.
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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 07/16/08 06:15 AM

I have got many miles of use from a telephone number prediction effect published some years ago, by Jonathon Pendragon.
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