Juggling Joe Taylor

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Postby Bill Mullins » 06/10/08 02:52 PM

Does anyone know anything about Juggling Joe Taylor, a black juggler who played baseball with the Indianapolis Clowns (Negro Leagues), basketball with the Harlem Black Magicians and the Broadway Clowns (barnstorming teams similar to the Harlem Globetrotters)?

He was from Boston, and was 19 years old when he subscribed to "Juggler's Bulletin" about 1945, so he may still be alive.
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Postby Mark Collier » 06/10/08 06:48 PM

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Postby ScottPeterson » 06/13/08 09:47 AM


Thank you for the great article site, it is a good read.

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Postby Loretta Thomas » 11/27/11 01:16 PM

Hi Mr. Mullins, my name is Loretta Thomas and I am the niece of Juggling Joe Taylor and he is still alive and well. He lives in Queens, NY with my sister and is such a wonderful and special gentleman. If you would like to speak to him please contact me at thomaslore31@gmail.com or call me at 347-564-7617.
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Postby Loretta Thomas » 11/27/11 01:21 PM

For all you juggling fans, Juggling Joe Taylor is still very much alive and well. Living in Queens, NY.
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