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Postby Adam Brooks » 05/29/08 07:12 AM

Does anyone know if there's an extant technique for changing the concavity of the bowl of a spoon?

I'm thinking of this as an effect and not as a gaff construction.

If it doesn't exist, it sure should...
Adam Brooks
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/29/08 10:04 PM

Won't it simply appear as if you're looking at the spoon from the other side?
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby John M. Dale » 05/30/08 12:32 AM

I see your point, Richard, but most spoons have a bend in the handle just above the bowl so the reverse concavity Adam suggested would be pretty obvious.

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John M. Dale
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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 06/05/08 07:52 AM

the only thing i can think of, is tracking down a cuttlery maker, and ask them if they can supply some made in reverse.As far as i am aware, the bowl of a spoon ts created under pressure, by a hefty piece of machinery.

Rather than changing the bowl, see if you can get some spoons, before the bend is placed in the handle, and put it in yourself, the wrong way round.

Im guessing that the public wont notice this, untill you point it out. After all, they will be sitting there waiting for you to bend it, like everybody else does..
I hope this info is of help.

Dale Shrimpton
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Postby Arnon » 06/06/08 10:55 PM

It might be easier to change the orientation of the handle rather than the concavity of the bowl.

Either the handle could bend into the reverse shape (perhaps some of those "memory metal strips") or it could rotate along its length with a joint (where the handle meets the bowl) that locks every 180 degree rotation.

Just brainstorming....

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Postby M. Sibbernsen » 06/08/08 02:38 AM

In January, on the German incarnation of Phenomenon, Uri Geller performed something very similar. Using his thumb, he pushed on the outer bowl of a spoon and caused it to dimple significantly inward. The force required was ostensibly great enough, that his thumbprint was even 'melted' or 'pressed' into the metal. An impressive display, and received a very nice response.

A well known U.S. Mentalist used to perform a similar feat, and did so on KTLA television and on Ellen (along with Queen Latifa) a few years back.

M. Sibbernsen
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