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Postby Tom Frame » 05/23/08 09:32 PM


Check out this technological marvel. I love it! It yearns, it begs for a magical application.



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Postby John M. Dale » 05/23/08 11:05 PM

And from the same guy:


Check it out at 02:02

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Postby Jonathan Townsend » 05/23/08 11:14 PM

The inverted VR technology is impressive - agreed.

Perhaps the orientation devices could be used to secretly give information to the performer and their staff in context of a routine?
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Postby MaxNY » 05/25/08 02:15 PM

Brilliant! Thanks for that. Too bad I never really got past Pong.
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Postby Ian Kendall » 05/25/08 04:22 PM

I downloaded the devpack a while back when this first came out, and now I have a Wii it's tempting. I seem to remember, however, that the code is in C#, which is beyond me...never mind.

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