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Postby veegates » 05/21/08 12:27 PM

I hope this doesn't appear to be a self promotion. I recently finished building my version of Antonio Diavolo. He is posted on Youtube. Here is the link
I am happy with my product and wanted to share.
I named him Dante The Daring. I have also finished Houdins' Orange Tree Effect. I thought about posting that on Youtube also, but the video with Paul Daniels performing the effect is perfect.
The next piece I am posting will be The Magic (Dancing) Harlequin.
For any that watch, thank you and I hope you enjoy the video.
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Postby Don Knox » 05/21/08 02:26 PM

That is beautiful - that is something that is well worth a little self-promotion!

Thanks for the opportunity for viewing it. Look forward to seeing your other efforts - will bookmark your website!

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Postby Jim Riser » 05/21/08 04:50 PM

Very, very nice. Most people have no idea what is involved in making such automata. You sir, have done a fine job. Please feel free to "self promote" at any time. I seriously doubt that anyone here on The Genii Forum will object.
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Postby Mats Kjellstrom » 05/22/08 07:15 AM

Orange Tree automata illusion:
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Postby veegates » 05/23/08 11:20 AM

Thanks to all who visited my site. The visits on Youtube jumped from 940 to 1100 in two days. Also, thanks for the positive words about my acrobat.
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