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Postby Nourdin » 05/17/08 09:24 PM

I'm reading Erdnase's Expert at the card table, but I'm very often doubting myself for doing it as I'm supposed to. Him writing I should follow it thoroughly even spooks me a bit since I'm not sure.

So I was wondering how/where I can compare my hold with someone's hold ( which is exactly the same as Erdnase's )

Also, I am a veeeeery poor student. So only if there is totally no other option than buying a dvd, then please help me out.
If there is, then I am looking very very forward to your reply. It would help me out so much because I just need a verification !
I have the time, I have the passion, but I don't want to waste my efforts doing it wrong.

thank you
Erdnase !
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