Hilarious Doug Henning Parody On Saturday Night Live

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Postby JustinRYoung » 05/15/08 07:30 PM

I don't know how many people caught it last weekend, but Shia LeBouf played Doug Henning in a Match Game parody....

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Postby Roger M. » 05/15/08 07:41 PM

That the Doug character was the least funny of the bunch speaks to a parody poorly done.
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Postby mai-ling » 05/15/08 07:48 PM

i totally missed that.

darn it.
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Postby Rene Clement » 05/15/08 08:04 PM

I remeber years ago they did a dueling magicians parody supposedly Henning vs. Copperfield. I think Rich Hall played the Doug Henning part in that skit.
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Postby Doc Dixon » 05/15/08 08:35 PM

I thought the Charles Nelson Reilly (or was it Paul Lynde) was the best part of that sketch. BTW, odd coincidence, but my wife and I were in the audience for that show. We had always wanted to see the show live and finally got around to getting tickets.

I thought the best sketch that night was the one with the two women talking about the guys who were staring at them.


PS; for those of you who missed the sketch:
http://www.nbc.com/Saturday_Night_Live/ ... mea=250057
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Postby skeptic555 » 05/15/08 08:36 PM

You didnt miss it - not as long as you can Hulu:

It's the "It's a Match" sketch found under "most popular today"
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Postby Jeff Haas » 05/16/08 12:12 AM

They understood all the characters except Henning, who came off with a bit too much modern street magic in him.
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Postby Nicholas Carifo » 05/16/08 01:22 AM

Rene Clement wrote:I remeber years ago they did a dueling magicians parody supposedly Henning vs. Copperfield. I think Rich Hall played the Doug Henning part in that skit.

It was indeed Rich Hall playing Doug Henning, as he had in a few SNL sketches during that time, but the sketch you speak of was actually titled "Dueling Magis" and was Doug Henning Vs. Harry Anderson... played by himself. Harry was the host of that episode and a frequent act on SNL.

That said, your memory might be combining this episode with a much funnier and longer skit (20 minutes) from HARRY SHEARER'S HBO Special which parodied David Copperfield's Bermuda Triangle special, with detailed respect for Mr. Copperfield in the process. Very well done.

In it, Harry Shearer plays Copperfield and in the final scenes has a "Duel" with Doug Henning, played by Martin Short, who incedently makes his appearance from "Al Capones Vault".

For those interested, I THINK the sketch is included on Shearers new DVD, called "Now You See It". Hopefully its the full sketch:

http://www.amazon.com/Now-You-See-Harry ... 911&sr=8-1
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