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Postby swamy » 05/14/08 03:49 AM

Is item "My Drink Trick" known as "Tipsy Cards"?

With the standard description of "My Drink Trick" I have seen performers doing it with normal playing cards showing 4 different changes i.e. ACES -- Blue Back -- Kings -- Red Back.
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Postby Dale Shrimpton » 05/21/08 11:18 AM

mckenzie's drink trick, is the packet effect where both the back and front of a small group of cards change in rapid sucession.
Its basicaly the same effect as Tamariz 4 blue card trick.

the instructions to the Mckenzie drink trick, is published in the book,Ken Brook, the unique years.

I dont think tipsy cards is the same as this.
Dale Shrimpton
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Postby Q. Kumber » 05/21/08 09:05 PM

If I'm not mistaken McKenzie's Drink Trick is largely based on an effect by George Sands that appeared in HMM.
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