New Release: Deviant Practices...and Rerelease: Dribble Block Pass

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Postby Guest » 06/23/04 04:18 PM

I have just released the following booklets:

Deviant Practices and The Dribble Block Pass.

Deviant Practices contains 8 tricks and five, short essays. For complete descriptions of the contents, visit: Deviant Practices

I have decided to re-release The Dribble Block Pass, after many requests for me to do so. Since it's initial publication, the move has gained praise from some of the top cardmen in the world. For more details,
visit: The Dribble Block Pass

Both products are available for purchase through paypal, check, or money order. Currently, only eBook versions are available, but hard copies should be available, for an additional cost in the near future. You can order directly from the website: Aaron Shields Presents

Thank you for your time,

Aaron Shields

Postby Guest » 06/25/04 05:02 PM

Hard copies of both are now available. The prices are likely to increase in the near future.

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