Anything going on in Boston?

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Postby JR Russell » 05/10/08 07:31 AM

I'll be in Boston next Tues-Sunday and was wondering if anybody knows of some magic spots...I heard that Hank's has moved.

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Postby MagicBilly » 05/10/08 09:44 AM

Le Grand David at the Cabot Theatre in Beverly, just over the bridge (+/- 30 min) from Boston. A fabulous show - Saturday matinee at 2p I believe
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Postby Dan Smith » 05/10/08 08:43 PM

Hey, JR.

The Mystery Lounge features David Oliver, Mike Bent, Steve Kradoffer, Bob Riordan and Danny Hustle. Tuesdays at 8pm, informal close-up magic usually starts around 7pm at the bar.

Le Grand David is in its 32nd year presenting classical stage magic. Beverly, MA is a bit of a drive from downtown BOS but well worth the trip. Sundays at 3pm.

Hank Lee's Magic Factory has moved from downtown Boston to their warehouse in Medford, MA. The "store" consists of a couple counters and a computer monitor for searching their online catalog. Hank's has the broadest selection in Boston, but it's not a place to hangout.

Diamond's Magic is located in Peaboy, MA (30+ minutes from downtown) and provides a great selection of DVDs, books, and props.

Magic Art Studio in Watertown, MA is a gem. It's an old-school magic shop housing protions of Ray Goulet's extensive magic collection. You'll find it all here -- P&L apparatus, posters, gambling equipment, books, etc. Ray and his wife Ann were performers for over 40 years and have known many of magic's greats and near-greats.

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