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Postby magicalt » 05/03/08 07:28 PM

I will be in DC this Wed thur Sat anything magical going on.
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Postby magicpirate82 » 05/04/08 01:52 AM

Taking a drive out to Denny's new shop in Baltimore is highly recommended. Levent lecture is Friday night. More here: ... ening.html
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Postby magicalt » 05/04/08 10:38 AM

Thanks I will try and make it.
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Postby Richard Kaufman » 05/04/08 12:54 PM

Barry's Magic Shop in Rockville is much closer and accessible by metro (subway) at the White Flint metro station. They have a huge amount of material and many out of print books and tricks.
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Richard Kaufman
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Postby NCMarsh » 05/04/08 01:32 PM

If you've never been, Denny's shop is not to be missed. Roy Benson by Starlight is an extraordinary book, and I had a hare to fly to Baltimore to catch the Levent lecture. If you have any interest in stand-up, stage, it is likely to be a very, very good lecture.

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Postby Bill Wells » 05/05/08 11:23 AM

IBM Ring 50's monthly meeting is on Wednesday evening at the Holiday Inn on Eisenhower Avenue in Alexandria. There is a Metro Stop within walking distance. Meeting starts at 8 PM - many have dinner there starting around 6:45 to 7 PM.
Bill Wells
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Bill Wells
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Postby magicalt » 05/05/08 05:24 PM

Thank you all I will definetly try and make it to Barry's magic not sure if I can make the IBM meeting but I will try. Once again many thanks.
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Postby Lee » 06/24/08 02:54 PM

SAM meeting third Thursday of month in Fairfax.

Also, Barry's has sometimes magic show on the weekend. The store is large, and it includes a very pleasant little theater.
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Postby James Munton » 06/29/08 06:46 PM

Hi everyone,

I'll be returning to the DC area for a few days in July. Looking forward to catching up with all my magic friends.

Hope you can come to my lecture on Friday, July 11. Guaranteed good time for all! Here are the details:

I hope it's okay to post this info here...

James Munton
James Munton
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